Cops: Man Charged In Fight That Led To Norwalk Shooting

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NORWALK, Conn. – A man who police say instigated the fight that led to the shooting of of 35-year-old John “Debo” Alston in May has been arrested. 

Norwalk resident Edwin Russell, 39, of 43A Chestnut St., was arrested Wednesday on a warrant charging him with second degree riot, breach of peace and unlawful assembly, all misdemeanors.

Police said Russell instigated the fight that led to the shooting of Alston on South Main Street. Norwalk resident Pernell McBride, 49, is accused of in Alston's death. McBride’s case is pending in Stamford Superior Court.

Russell was released on a promise to appear in Norwalk Superior Court on Nov. 7.

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Comments (3)

There would have been a report about the break ins except for the fact that they have not happened. The Norwalk PD has been patrolling the areas affected by the storm and has placed extra officers into those areas to deter the crime and protect what is left of the property.

This great news but what about the here and now many homes have been broken into many crimes over the last 48 hours need press.The police need help in solving some of these crimes by reporting the break ins I'm sure others may have seen some of the people involved stealing from or friends.

According to our Mayor there was little to worry about those stealing wouldn't be able to get to those flooded homes with a smirk,those flooded homes were the first to get hit we know we are hearing the stories of theft from evacuated homes.

Only a suggesting but maybe we could post who lost what and be on the lookout for more of the same by the low lying scum that live in our city and help our polie dept out that are or have to be tired at this point.