Bridgeport Man Gets Norwalk's First Ticket Under State's New Gun Law

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NORWALK, Conn. – A Bridgeport man became the first person charged in Norwalk with having a high-capacity magazine under Connecticut’s new gun laws this weekend.

The 30-year-old Bridgeport resident was pulled over on Water Street early Sunday morning after he was seen driving with an illegal cover on his license plate, according to Norwalk Police reports. During his interview with police the officer noticed that the man had a valid pistol permit, and later found a handgun during a pat-down.

The handgun was loaded with 11 bullets, and had a magazine capable of handling 15 rounds, police said. Under the new laws passed by the state last April, it is illegal to buy, sell or manufacture magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds.

Weapons purchased before the law’s passing are legally grandfathered in, but gun owners were required to register those magazines with the state by Jan. 1. The gun owner told Norwalk officers that he was unaware of the law or the deadline, according to the police report.

He was issued an infraction for possession of a large-capacity magazine and having a mutilated license plate.

The weapon was returned to the owner, under the condition that he keeps the magazine separated from the handgun, and he was released at the scene, police said.

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Comments (33)

When ever 2nd Amendment rights are in the news the looney left socialists come out of the woodwork...If the 1st amendment was under attack like this they would begin foaming at the mouth & threaten to stab someone in the eye!!!m3

I knew not signing up for a carry permit was a good idea. Thanks for proving me right, Commnecticut.

This law targets the law abiding. And that's it. Why would a police officer pat down a person with a CCW permit. You have to have a perfect record to have one. I'm at a loss for words. This is not "progressive" this is tyranny.

Love him or hate him, the former Mirror editor is at the centre of much of the debate about gun control at the moment. Piers has been fact-checked to death by various US news sources over his repeated claims that there were 11,000 gun murders in America last year and only 35 in Britain. But he could be right about shootings in America, depending on which set of statistics you prefer to use. There were 11,078 firearms homicides in 2010, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The FBI puts the figure for that year much lower at 8,874 – a number which has been seized on by Piers’s critics – but the bureau’s records depend on voluntary contributions and may not be as comprehensive. As far as the “35 gun murders in Britain” line goes, Piers has got this wrong. The Home Office recorded 60 shooting homicides in England and Wales in 2010/11. The average is 62 a year over the last 15 years. Allow for population difference and we get a gun murder rate of about 0.1 per 100,000 people in England and Wales. In America the rate is about 3.6 per 100,000 or about 2.9 per 100,000 if you prefer to use the FBI figures. The gun murder rate is 33 or 27 times higher in America, depending on where you get your data. So Piers has made an error, but it doesn’t destroy the thrust of his argument.

Am I the only one wondering why he was pay down for having an illegal license plate cover? I'm not so sure having a valid pistol permit AND an illegal license plate cover is grounds for a pat down either. So why was he pay down? That's the only reason the cop knew about the magazine!

What does this article mean, when it states, The office ' noticed ' he had a gun permit?
He had a magazine that is capable of 15 rounds. It wouldn't matter if he only had 1 round in there. He had 10, so something tells me he knew the law just to lazy to buy the correct magazine.. Ignorance of the law is never an excuse.
Will he still be able to have it registered? Or was that deadline one that had exceptions for things like out of the country at the time or ignorance?

It often seems to me that people that get pulled over do not do their due diligence about having the vehicle in the best repair. Then comes discovery and they get caught with something truly illegal. The longer the cops stand at your window with questions and you are rifling through your glove box, the better chance they have of shining that light into every nook and cranny !
Have all your lights working, sound glass obey the posted speed, make no illegal turns, fix that dragging muffler. Don't give them a reason to pull you over.
unfortunately this LCM was not registered.. Maybe it's stolen

It's a weak bust but it's the mans fault.

Incorrect Broad River. As long as the magazine is declared (which the cop has no way of knowing) a larger capacity magazine can be carried as long as it contains no more than 10 rounds.

Its also not 'lazy' to not have 10 round magazines. They have been in short supply since the legislation was passed.

Remember people, intent no longer matters when it comes to laws.

Then You represent him in court, because he was issued an infraction for possession of a large-capacity magazine . So If Not LAZY, okay just Stupid

Repeal the second amendment

You are insane. Without question. Please don't stop taking your SSRI meds.

You seem to be a right wing wacko

You think that about all Republicans

Sorry troll...cant "repeal" a Constitutional Right anymore than you can repeal the right to life or free speech. The original Bill of Rights cannot be amended.

Educate yourself. There will be a revolution before that happens.

Simpleton its not a Constitutional Right, its an Amendment to the Constitution. It can and will be repealed. Go back to school.

It IS a constitutional right. It is part of the "Bill of Rights". It CAN be repealed, but no easier than any part of the original Constitution. Go ahead and repeal the Second Amendment, if you can, but in the meantime do not pretend that the right of the people to keep and bear arms is not part of the Constitution. That amendment protects gun owners from the soccer moms and wimps who are scared by guns, and want to pass laws to get around it.

Never go full statist.

Sheepdog - you are on point with all. The reason he got the ticket is he didn't register the mag. Misdemeanor for first offense. The problem is that the law is not enforceable if he had just said he registered the mag. There is no requirement for people to carry proof that the mag was declared. Which means the police will eventually want proof, or their database will reflect who sent in declarations for magazines over ten rounds. It's a mess really.

This criminal is sure to do big time.
Thanks Governor Malloy for pushing this great law.

He's not a criminal...its a misdemeanor. People arent criminals for getting speeding tickets.

You are dumb.

hey stupid a misdemeanor is a crime

A misdemeanor (also spelled misdemeanour) is any "lesser" criminal act in some common law legal systems. Misdemeanors are generally punished less severely than felonies, but theoretically more so than administrative infractions (also known as minor, petty or summary offences) and regulatory offences

This new law is really going to prevent a lot of violence.

HA HA HA HA HA HA right!!

I bet this will get thrown out of court if he has a good lawyer.

The guy said he was unaware of the law, but if thats so why did he only have 11 in the gun? I imagine one in the chamber & 10 in the mag which would be legal IF he registered it. Which is unlikely if he said he didn't know about the law.
While I disagree with the law & wish LE would refuse to enforce it, the guy as I see it may have gotten a break. As I understand the law its a FELONY to possess ANY LCM (newly coined term for standard capacity mags over ten rounds)

Im also curious why the pat down, if anything a pistol permit should tell police that the person is an upstanding citizen having been through at least two and likely many more background checks.

Its also worth noting that the state KNOWS who holds a permit & also knows about 99% of other gun owners since they keep records on every NICS check (illegal for the feds but not the state for some reason) meaning theres already a registry. Given that fact the state was VERY remiss not sending out notices to all of us about this new law. Given the relatively low numbers of mags & guns registered I think that theres likely THOUSANDS of law abiding CT gun owners who were turned into felons by our legislature, including Bob Duff, Cafero, Wood, Perone etc, all of whom voted for this law with no clue about its requirements or implementation. For instance I recently contacted Senator Duff about whether Id receive any documentation proving I registered my magazines. Believe it or not he didn't know, so he had to contact the state police who told him, a person who should know the law he signed, that Id get something in the mail within the next couple MONTHS! So even though I complied fully I have no documentation proving it. This is like registering your car today & getting the certificate in a few months and having your state Senator say its ok.
The leadership in this state is disgustingly inept, disconnected with the reality of life here and aloof about the things shoved down our throat. They seem to only be concerned with being considered one of the most restrictive in the nation, regardless of the FACT that the things implemented have NEVER been shown to be effective anyplace they were implemented before. States such as NY, MA & NJ have not seen any reduction in violence when they passed similar laws. Matter fact a third grader could conduct research sufficient to show beyond a reasonable doubt that violent crime is highest in the places gun control is strictest. Cities like NYC, Chicago, DC etc consistently top the charts in gun crimes yet that where our foolish legislature looks to for ideas.
They do NOT care about our safety, or our rights, they don't care about the kids killed in Newtown, what they care about is appearances & photo ops. They care about the rights of violent criminals much more than the rights of the law abiding.
Regardless of your political affiliation remember this come voting time. We MUST replace these spineless morally bankrupt political hacks with people who care about the citizens & respect the limitations upon legislation placed upon them by the state constitution, which reads "Every citizen has a right to BEAR arms in defense of HIMSELF & the state". This means that our current system is a direct violation of our civil rights since now a permit is required for ANY firearm, even a single shot 22 caliber rifle.
When we permit law makers to break the law we do everyone a disservice and mock those great people who fought & are fighting right now to preserve our freedoms. Our legislature has turned the PEOPLE into serfs, a second class of citizen subject to restraints which do not apply to them or the people guarding them. If they cared about the kids, why place a limit upon the ability of security, if they choose to hire security, at schools to fight back? Think about that. If Newtown hires armed guards they will be limited to 11 rounds, but no criminal nutcase intending to shoot up a school will be hindered at all by this law.
The true criminals in this state meet in Hartford & pass laws that make us LESS safe & create a safer operating environment for criminals.
If you voted for them you share the blame. The law in this state which forbids even permit holders from carrying in schools is directly responsible for the tragedy which precipitated this law. Not repealing that law, or even considering it, exposes quite clearly that the intent is not to save lives & prevent things like this. The intent is to look good for the control freaks killing our country & state.

So, Ken,
You did all the right things, all your paperwork is in on time?
But you say you have no proof? Did it cost you? Did you get a receipt?
Was it something you had to send in or bring all the parts with you?
Some little tear off sheet from the form for you to have? If it was sent did you send it ' return receipt requested? Have they promised to mail you a card or form and will you need to carry that with you when you take out your guns? what's the next step now? Wait got the mail? And after you have done all of your part in a good manner and on time, will you receive any written form /card /stamp? In the meantime while the paperwork is being process can you take out your guns? Then is their a complete compressive booklet explain places that are off limits?

Exactly. Couldn't have said it any better.

FYI he didn't say anything

A pat down for an llegal cover on his license plate??? At what point does one even have to exit his car for an llegal cover on his license plate. How did the cop know he had a pistol permit? And its not illegal to have a 15 round magazine in a handgun, so long as its not loaded over 10 rounds....and 10 rounds in the mag plus one in the chamber is legal. 11 total bullets.....not illegal. The gestapo in CT hard at work.

so the state has violated this man's 2nd Amendment rights and the cop violated his 4th Amendment rights.

So proud to live here in CT where we make criminals out of law abiding citizens by passing new unjust laws

It doesn't help that there were changes to the law at the last minute, either. BTW, does any one know what an "illegal cover" for a license plate is?

Yes, I do. It's a licence plate frame which has a plastic 'lens' that covers the plate. I was pulled over a few years ago for the same thing because the lens got old and foggy. I was told to remove it ASAP and sent on my way. I was not required to leave my vehicle at any point and I certainly wasn't frisked for having it. I guess the difference is that if you have a CCL in the UnConstitutional state of Connecticut AND a plastic licence plate cover you are a dangerous criminal who must abdicate their rights to the government.

This man's civil rights were severely violated and I hope he sues the crap out of this state.

Hi Paige,
It's anything that obstructs full view.
For him it's having a mutilated license plate.

if he had 10 in the mag and one in the chamber that is legal in CT. I repeat, 10+1 is legal. if he indeed had 11 in the mag but none in the chamber then the officer was correct.

It is illegal to possess a LCM in public unless you're going to/from a range, dealer. OR you may carry one LCM, such as his 15 round for his pistol, as long as it is IN the gun, provided it doesn't meet the current definition of "assault weapon", not loaded past 10.

Is that clear as mud for you non-gun owners? and you wonder why we're upset with the new laws. you need a freakin' law degree to decipher what's legal and whats not.

Sheepdog. my appologies but you are incorrect on one key aspect. A legally permitted individual MAY carry their LCM's even as a spare Mag granted they are loaded to 10 rounds. I have several friends who are LEOs and Retired LEOs to include CSP, they have confirmed to myself that it is perfectly legal. Also I have heard, just the other day on the radio, 94.9 News Now in Eastern CT, 4-6pm JB (A retired state trooper) was discussing this exact topic, he stated that he has received verification from a Detective and the Supervising Lieutenant in the Firearms and Special Licensing Division of CSP that it is perfectly legal to carry LCMs so long that they are Registered and carry no more than 10 rounds.

Sorry ArmyMPVet, you're incorrect on a technicality. you can carry a spare LCM loaded to 10, IF and only IF it's in a locked container or in your trunk.

From the FAQ from the DESPP regarding PA13-3:

13. Q: As a civilian, how can I lawfully transport my assault weapons
and large capacity magazines to and from the places where I may
legally possess them?

A: With a Certificate of Registration, an assault weapon may be lawfully
transported by car in the following manner: it must be unloaded and
placed in the trunk of your vehicle or in a separate case or container in
an area of the interior of the vehicle which is not readily accessible to
either the operator or any passengers. When being transported outside
a car, the assault weapon must be unloaded and unconcealed.

Large capacity magazines that have been declared may be transported
loaded with up to ten bullets but must be transported either 1) in the
same manner as assault weapons or 2) in a pistol pursuant to a carry
permit, provided the magazine does not extend more than one inch
below the pistol grip.