Aaron Ramsey Found Not Guilty Of Killing His Father

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Aaron Ramsey of Wilton sits with his defense lawyer Howard Ehring at the hearing in Stamford where he was found to be not guilty by reason of mental illness by a three-judge panel in the death of his father. Photo Credit: Lindsay Niegelberg, Stamford Advocate

STAMFORD, Conn. – A three-judge panel ruled unanimously Wednesday that Aaron Ramsey was not guilty by reason of mental illness for the death of his father in his Wilton home on May 3.

“The state has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Ramsey caused the death of one Edward Ramsey,” Judge Richard Comerford read from the ruling. “At the time of the killing of his father, he had marked delusional thinking and command hallucinations. At said time, the defendant was in an acute psychotic condition.”

At the time of the murder, Ramsey lacked the ability to discern right from wrong and was unable to control his actions because of his mental state, Comerford said.

According to the ruling, Edward Ramsy, 73, was “bludgeoned, stabbed multiple times in the chest, throat, stomach and groin. Cause of death was blunt traumatic injury to the head and multiple stab wounds.”

Ramsy’s defense lawyer Howard Ehring described his client’s mental state during the time of the murder as a “fathomless spiral into mental illness” and that he had just “spiraled out of control.”

The court ordered that Ramsey be held for further evaluations. He was committed to the commissioner of Mental Health and Addiction Services until his next hearing March 12.

This outcome was not unexpected for either Assistant State's Attorney Richard Colangelo or Ehring, who said the defense was pleased with the trial process.

Ramsey will be returned to the Whiting Forensic Institute at Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown until the next hearing when, according to Colangelo, he will be sentenced.

Although found not guilty, Ramsey is still on lockdown at Whiting, unable to leave. “He’s still considered to be a danger to himself and to others,” Ehring said, adding that his family is able to visit him. His family members were unavailable  for comment after the hearing.

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The judicial system is so screwed up!!!!!

Tim T:

NO the judicial system actually worked this time...

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