$25,000 Worth Of Fishing/Boating Equipment Stolen In Norwalk

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NORWALK, Conn. -- Fourteen custom fishing rods - worth $20,000 - and other items were reported stolen from a boat recently at the South Norwalk Boat Club on Mack Street, police said.

In addition to the rods, a 27-inch Ronco television, worth $1,200, and a Northstar GPS system, worth about $4,000, were also reported stolen.

There were no signs of forced entry on the boat.

The theft was reported Thursday, but police said it could have occurred anytime over the past week.  

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so the police forgot to tell you all two homes in Shorefront park broken into where they caught people in the process of breaking and entering and then the Pastime club missing fishing gear as well.

Sounds like an everage week in Sono so far,nice to know someone is trying to alert us to be cautious.

Someone shooting in South Norwalk turned out to be real the shotspotter said so(eye witness)