What Changes Would You Like To See In Norwalk In 2013?

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NORWALK, Conn. – We want to know: What changes would you like to see in Norwalk in 2013?

As we close out 2012, The Norwalk Daily Voice would like to know what problems would you like to see Norwalk solve in 2013? What programs or initiatives would you like to see launched? What projects would you like to see city officials tackle next year? We're running a story on what you want to happen in Norwalk in 2013, and we want to hear your responses.

Write your thoughts in the comments below or send them to reporter Alfred Branch at abranch@dailyvoice.com. Feel free tell us if you thought the city accomplished its goals in 2012 as well.

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Comments (3)

Nice profiling Ken P. Nice to know all our crime and poverty is generated from our public housing. Get real. Even a cursory scan of police reports would dispel that assumption. Yes, there are problems with criminal elements in those projects, but there are also many law-abiding AND tax paying residents there. So far our city administrators have openly denied having drug/gang & gun issues in these places. Getting them to open their eyes and dealing with it is a much more positive step than throwing all those law-abiding people to the curb.
Where would you suggest these lower income people go to live? Like it or not, Fairfield County has reduced the available housing for our lower economic strata to enclaves in Norwalk and Bridgeport. The rest of the gold coast has pretty much made it prohibitive to live elsewhere. While good yet poor people are struggling to make ends meet (many have given up on trying to get ahead) your solution seems to be to eliminate the rabble so they won't be an eyesore on the landscape, sullying your view from East Norwalk. Let 'em go to Bridgeport, where they won't be such a burden on Norwalk taxpayers.
Personally, I think kybrdplyr has a much better set of suggestions, to which I would only add much greater transparency in the dealings of our Board of Education. Watching over half our taxes getting funnelled into that black hole of unaccountibility has been going on for way too long. That's where our city "leaders" are taking us for granted.

I would like to see greater transparency and more consistency from the Mayor and City Council especially in development transactions. I would like to see changes in the Planning and Zoning regulations that would allow greater constituency input BEFORE the developers have obtained virtually all of the permits they need to move forward. I would like to see an audit of the books for the Oak Hills Park Authority BEFORE any more money is spent, especially to put in a driving range. I would like to see "Work Force" housing be fully integrated into regular housing complexes and not sequestered into their own ghettos, a la Spinnaker. I would like to see a full accounting of the Mayoral books as well as those of all of City Government before we are stuck with tax bills in this new valuation to support these services. I would like to see a gun buyback that is not isolated but integrated into a full program of services, especially in areas where gun violence is common, that addresses anger management, health care and guns - see the City of Pittsburgh for reference. I would like to see our rivers respected, tested and cleaned up thereby treating them as the assets they are now and not the industrial waste sites of past history. I would like to see the improvements on West Avenue that would include bike lanes and pedestrian accesses as well as fewer vehicular lanes especially for cars that treat this byway as a freeway. I would like to see the subcommittees and councils treat the voters honestly: no back room deals, no shutting the door when there is a vote, no financial deals out of earshot of the constituency who, after all, is paying for these practices on behalf of the City of Norwalk. I would, in other words, like to be able to trust the politicians at the helm and, perhaps, this is asking WAY TOO MUCH!!!!

I'd like to see the beach become a Norwalk park again I stead of a tourist attraction. Like to see the crater on West Ave taken back by the city and given to the residents in the form of a park and event venue. Those would be my top suggestions. The others would deal with crime and poverty, my suggestion would be to start reducing municipal housing or project units since that's where it happens and comes from. A restriction on multi unit construction in many areas of the city would be great too. I live in East Norwalk and the whole of he Norwalk riverside is developed now. The places where kids once fished covered with dozens of condos. I guess I'm saying really I'd like the city to think of the tax paying residents first instead of taking us for granted.