Letter: An Open Letter To AT&T Concerning Cell Service

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An Open Letter to Steve Hodges, President, AT&T Northeast Region

Dear Mr. Hodges:

On November 5th I was one of the recipients of an email, signed by you, detailing how hard your company was working to restore cell service to New York and New Jersey. Significantly, the only mention of Connecticut was a statement that anyone could use one of your stores for recharging.

Let go back in history about a year. Last year, when we had a major storm, we lost power for a week and lost AT&T cell service for both the week and three days afterward. We live within the town of Norwalk - not in a far outlying area.

Apparently you have learned nothing from that experience. This year, we also lost power for a week and once again lost AT&T cell service for the week, plus three days.

On November 10th I received an email from AT&T saying that you were going to waive voice and text overage charges for the month of November. You obviously don’t understand. I wish we have overage charges. Instead, when we needed cell coverage the most, AT&T again failed.

I have recently read how AT&T is investing millions and millions of dollars to convert its networks to the faster 4G services. You cannot seem to keep your current older 3G up and running, when most people need it the most. Why do you think anyone will trust your company to provide the newer 4G service?


Paul Danzer
Norwalk, CT

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Comments (2)

And I don't know where you live in Norwalk, because my cell phone, internet, and TV all worked just fine. AT&T provides all of my service.

Really? People lost everything they owned in some areas due to this storm. Haiti still hasn't recovered from the earthquake that happened YEARS ago. Children are starving all over the world. But, you know, tell me more about how your cell phone didn't work for a week. I'm enthralled. First World Problems exemplified.