Letter: Norwalk Needs To Refocus On The Community

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To The Editor: 

We stand with the people in the communities of South Norwalk. Many residents of South Norwalk are hurting. They are in need of jobs and programs within the community. While a number of nonprofits located in South Norwalk are receiving funds for the purpose of serving the community, we are watching these same organizations do the exact opposite once they receive the funding.

These nonprofits are responsible for providing fundamental resources to residents; resources that make a difference of whether or not a family has food on the table or a roof over their heads. We want to remind the leadership of these organizations of this and ask them to remember that their job is to serve the community. At a minimum the organizations and their leadership should be committed to:

  • Create economic opportunities for the community – Employment of residents from South Norwalk who are in disadvantaged situations as often as possible at a living wage
  • Fiscal fesponsibility – Full disclosure of financial records, when requested, to show where the funds are going as well as a commitment to ensuring that the required percentage of each dollar reaches the program
  • High-quality programming – A commitment to run performance-driven programs that have a proven positive influence on the community
  • Serve the entire community regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, or affiliation

It’s time all of those who have been allotted public funding with the task to serve and benefit the community commit to do just that.

We are calling for these nonprofits to shift their priorities so that they are focusing on strengthening their own organizations internally and also re-engaging with the community. A publicly funded organization should be about empowering the people in the community with the goal of strengthening the community.

If not, we need to open the door for new young leaders from the community to start programs, as so many aspire to do. We have community members who wish to start programs to work with our young girls and young boys, create youth sport youth leagues, as well as music programs.

It is time to act. We call for an end to superior treatment of organizations without a demand for superior outcomes.

A Better South Norwalk Team
Travis Simms
Sandra Stokes
Ernie Dumas
Phaedrel (Faye) Bowman
Martha Dumas

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Comments (2)

Thankfully we have these organizations to help those struggling due to the destruction caused by the Republicans.

Why not shift your focus from taxpayer funded programs to getting people out actually looking for work? On ANY given day you can see 2 dozen latin immigrants looking for work on the bridge off of MLK Blvd. Theres no reason for that & the fact that those people find work, which often leads to jobs, would suggest that many of the unemployed in SONO simply choose not to work.
Servicing the entire community is an ironic request when your first sentence states your supporting only South Norwalk. Norwalk's & CT's TAXPAYERS are overly burdened by the mere existence of many of the communities down there. Becoming a productive part of the whole is a much more worthy goal than to complain the freebies you beg for are not used as you desire.