Letter: The Arts Thrive In Norwalk Public Schools

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While visiting my mentee at Marvin Elementary School I came to a realization regarding the Arts and the Norwalk Public Schools. After we met I brought him to his music class. On the way, I once again noticed that the hallways there are graced with truly outstanding artwork created with the guidance of Marvin's exceptional art teacher.

The artwork is no less than inspiring and uplifting, and it made my day. How wonderful it is for the children to be taught by her. I thought about the Roton Middle School holiday concert in December, and the McMahon holiday concert and know of the celebrated Norwalk High Poinsettia Concert and the fine dramatic productions of both high schools. Something great is going on here.

In spite of our challenges as a district, the shortage of funds, the recession, the achievement gap, CMT scores, and all of our other worries, the Arts thrive in the Norwalk Public Schools! Strings programs in elementary schools? Orchestras, choirs and bands in the middle and high schools? Robust art programs in all schools? So many towns and cities have abandoned the idea and vision of the arts and culture as mainstays of young lives, or perhaps they become reserved only for the privileged, but here in Norwalk we have wonderful programs in all these areas, enjoyed by all our diverse students.

Thank you Board of Ed, thank you Superintendent, thank you Board of Estimate and Common Council. Thank you administrators and most of all thank you to the arts and music teachers of all types here in Norwalk. You have not abandoned our children during these challenging times, but continue to enrich and positively impact their lives. Many thanks.

Neal Konstantin
PDC International Corp.

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I agree with Mr. Konstantin Music and Fine Arts in the Norwalk Public Schools are thriving despite huge challenges in many other areas that the district faces. This strength in the Arts is an absolute joy to witness and is consistant through the district. This is a result of outstanding committed teachers, parent support and most importantly passionate students. It also has to do with the nature of the Arts and the creativity inherent in all of us. The pursuit of the Arts is a gift to the soul that never grows old and can be accessed at every age. Music and Fine Arts speak to the soul in a universal language of non-verbal communication through sound and sight. This is why the Arts are so important. Norwalk's music departments have received national recognition for outstanding performances and the music rooms are filled with trophies. Along with Music and Fine Arts Norwalk is also known for their spectacular Theatre performances.
Norwalk can take pride in their accomplishments in the the Arts. This success in the Arts also demonstrates that under creative leadership there is potential for the Norwalk Public Schools to be great in all areas of academic achievement.