Win a Pair of Tickets to the Norwalk Oyster Fest

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Patrons crowd the midway at last year's Norwalk Oyster Festival.
Patrons crowd the midway at last year's Norwalk Oyster Festival. Photo Credit: Jim Gerweck

NORWALK, Conn. – The Norwalk Seaport Association, organizers of the upcoming Norwalk Oyster Festival, has introduced some new pricing for tickets this year. A family weekend pass, which admits two adults and two children, and good for all three days, costs $50. Other prices are adults, $10 for Friday, $12 for Saturday and Sunday; adult three-day weekend pass, $25; Senior citizens $10; children ages 5 to 12, $5; children under 5 and active duty military personnel with ID, free.

Tickets are available online or at the following banks and retail outlets: Bank of America, Fairfield County Bank, First County Bank, Mutual Security Credit, Norwalk Bank and Trust, Norwalk Credit Union, Norwalk Hospital Credit Union, Patriot National Bank, Peoples United Bank, Ridgefield Bank, TD Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Webster Bank, Wilton Bank, UTOPIA, MBI Inc., Northrup Grumman, Pellegrini Jewelers, Shop Rite Grade A, Stylin' Hair Salon, Triple S Carpet and Drapery Cleaning.

But the best way to get tickets is for free, and you can win a pair by commenting below on what your favorite part of the Oyster Festival is. Winners will be notified by email.

What is your favorite part of the Oyster Festival? Comment below for a chance to win a pair of tickets.

  • 24

Comments (24)

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I haven't gone to the Festival in the last couple of years, but was thinking of going and bringing the entire family (6) this weekend. Thank goodness the weather will be holding up this year. Looking forward to the new Zip Line and Arts and Crafts!
It is good to support Norwalk and its heritage. Hoping to Win a couple of tickets!

The crafts!! Love love love all the creative minds who share their creations at the fair! :D

Starting off with Stuffed Clams, then heading to the Pizza Fritta, having an ice cold beer with it and then browsing the Arts/Crafts booths for upcoming Birthday and Christmas gifts
then ending the night listening to a good band!

Great memories growing up there. Watching my kids enjoying the rides and eating all the food!!!

Great memories growing up there. Watching my kids enjoying the rides and eating all the food!!!


The food choices - I have difficulty deciding what to eat.

The food choices - I have difficulty deciding what to eat.

My 5 year old son was so fascinated with the dirt bike stunt show last year, we watched it 4 times in one day. We'll be back there again this year!

Well the oysters of course

The slurpee contest!

The Wang Chung concert last year was great. Looking forward to this year's acts and my kids want to see the Pirate area.

We see all the kids we have watched grow up in town, we see all our neighbors, old and new. Our entire community is right there for an entire weekend and it is great to be a part of. My husband and I alwasy head for Pizza Fritte from St. Anne's Club! We can always count on them to be there! One with sauce and one with sugar!

My kids love the Kiddy Rides. Of course, I can't imagine visiting Oyster Fest without the Concerts. We love it! I don't think we ever missed one festival yet since we moved in to Norwalk in 1983.

The entire event is a great time!! I was born and raised and still live in Norwalk and the Oyster Festival has always been branded the official end of summer around these parts! It is your last chance to get a St. Ann's pizza fritta until next year!!! I have seen so many awesome bands play over the years and the fact the entertainment is now open to all is great. I remember when the bands played inside a HUGE tent! The Kids Cove is the place to be if you have children but the thing I always loved the most was the Pick-a Pearl tent, which sadly has not been there for a few years now. I would get a pearl (or 2) every year and I certainly miss that! I hope they bring it back as what is an Oyster Festival withouth the oysters and pearls!!

Every year we look forward to the concerts...we have seen so many great acts over the years! :)

Gyros from St. Georges and funnel cakes, crafts, seeing old and new friends

I love the way it pulls the community together - and the kids' smiles.

I like the Oyster Fest, I think the best part is that it was started back in the 70's to celebrate Norwalk's Oyster history. People now come for the food, and the rides and the crafts, but I think that they should add more about the history of WHY the Oyster Fest started!

sadly.. i have never gone in the 8 years i have lived in stamford.. i mean to go every year but just dont seem to get there.... i would love to go this year as i dont have anything planned!! :)

After this week (and still NO power), who couldn't use a cold beer and some hot food!

LOVE the Oyster Fest. New to Connecticut and went last year, saw Wang Chung, food was unbelievable!! Got friends coming in from Virginia that weekend and we'll be there...mouth watering already. I wanna see Soul Asylum perform.

Seymour the Seagull and his free puffy stickers, and maybe the collectible beer mugs are my favorite parts of the Oyster Fetival... ohh ohh or maybe the Tall ships are my favorite part...