We're Now The Daily Voice, Norwalk

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The Norwalk Daily Voice

NORWALK, Conn. - We have a new name, but we still have the same voice - The Daily Voice.

We are happy to announce that as of today, Main Street Connect/The Daily Norwalk has become The Daily Voice (Norwalk.DailyVoice.com).

The Daily Voice is a local news organization whose town-based reporters cover the most important news, sports, and information in each community we serve. We began two years ago as a collection of local news sites, and have grown into a thriving news network. Our new name better reflects a more robust model of delivering local news and advertising.

Aside from the new name and logo, there will be no changes in our news reporting, social media or business operations; our focus always has been and will remain covering local news that is important to you.

We appreciate being part of your community, and that you turn to us for the latest local news in your town.

To ensure our communications continue to reach your inbox, please add our email address to your address book: norwalk@dailyvoice.com.

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