Travel Ban Extended To All Connecticut Roads, Remains In Effect Saturday

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Residents across the state are ordered to stay off the roads Friday evening as conditions are expected to worsen.
Residents across the state are ordered to stay off the roads Friday evening as conditions are expected to worsen. Photo Credit: Contributed: Johanna Rossi

Update 7:15 a.m. — The state-wide travel ban was extended from limited-access highways to all roads in Connecticut, and remained in effect Saturday morning. 

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. — A ban on motor vehicle travel on limited access highways in Connecticut began at 4 p.m. Friday, a statement from the governor’s office said.

Emergency response and recovery vehicles, including public safety vehicles, utility vehicles and vehicles carrying essential personnel or supplies, are not banned, the statement said.

“As the weather gets worse over the next few hours, we need to keep the roads clear, so that emergency-related personnel and utility crews can reach those that may need our help,” Gov. Dannel Malloy said in the statement. “By traveling in these conditions, you are not only putting yourself in danger, but you are potentially risking the lives of first responders, utility workers and other residents."

The state has coordinated the travel ban with New York and Massachusetts, and it is in effect until further notice.

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Comments (23)

All we have to do is to cooperate for the on-going traffic issue. This would be solved in due time. I'll just have to stay at hostel in Malaysia and enjoy my stay.

A big part of the issue is how we use first responders. 20 years ago if you got stuck you got stuck, you didnt need a cop or a fireman, you called a tow truck or just dealt with it. Now then IF they are needed I dont see what the issue is, they both FD & PD will tell you how hard they work keeping us safe, but then when we need them the most we are told they shouldnt have to deal with it?
Sorry but thats BS, we are talking about guys who most days get paid to wait for things to happen. Then when something does they need to be protected from acting by declarations from the Governor? lol ok, that makes sense. About as much as a travel ban when people need to get out to work on clearing this mess up.

you make some very good points in your post

You seem to have an advance case of the disease. Please stop drinking the kook aid as it is just making the disease worse.

Currently zero power outages in Norwalk. So at least if you have to stay home you can go down to the workbench and start one of those spring projects you've been thinking about. I don't think they should ban pizza delivery though.

@Broad River
I agree 100%. Leave the roads open for first responders, emergencies, and pizza deliveries.

I think we need to ban all travel WITHIN the home. People could fall down and hurt themselves.


We need to ban all travel, everywhere, forever. If we could save just one life, it would be worth it...

What the hell are "limited access highways"? Side streets? Route 1? Benson Road? Mill Plain?

limited access highways are types that have entrance and exit ramps, highways like I-95 I-15 _84 and so on.

It's not the idiot in Hartford ....sadly you have to speak to the lowest denomination of brain matter sometimes. People are generally stupid. Someone rammed a power pole here and left 280 homes without power. Kinda selfish...... Who cares if they issued a statement. It takes five mins and move on.....

Need I say more. Sorry you're going through this as a result of someone's ignorance. Now, you're forced to wait for restoration b/c it's too dangerous for bucket trucks to go out in these conditions. Perfect illustration of why people should listen, unless you're emergency personnel.

Hope your power's restored, soon.

A travel ban for all CT roads seems heavy-handed. I agree that everyone should stay home, but we don't need the Governor ORDERING us to do so. The usual strong statements declaring a state of emergency and discouraging travel are enough. He could increase the strength of the statement by noting that if you attempt travel in these conditions and become stranded, first responders may not be able to reach you in a timely manner.

It probably seems heavy handed but only because we don't see the bigger picture.My cousin in Middletown got about 36” of snow. And friends in Trumbull couldn't see out the windows on one side of the house, 1st and 2nd stories, because of drifting snow.

Well, my husband's boss didn't believe me that the Governor shut the roads down, until she got stopped by a friendly State Police officer.

@ Paige,
Did she get a summons? Why would she think you'd make that up?

@ Broad - I haven't the foggiest notion why she thought I might be kidding. But the cop stopped her and gave her a verbal warning.

I suspect she thought my husband, who'd been shoveling for two hours already and still wasn't completely out of the driveway, just didn't want to come in to work. Several other employees had already called in to say they couldn't make it. They live up in the Fairfield/Bridgeport area, which I have heard is still a real mess. Guess we got off lucky and DPW was on top of things.

It was done for the safety of the 1st Responders as many individuals became stranded b/c they went out, regardless. Forget the "timely manner," why should 1st Responders risk their lives to rescue you b/c you can't/won't heed warnings?

1st Responders will always answer the call for life threatening situations.

They will always answer at time and a half. These bums are just in it for the bucks.

"Why should 1st Responders risk their lives to rescue you b/c you can't/won't heed warnings?"

They shouldn't. So that could be the message - don't go out, because if you get stranded, you're probably on your own. Maybe the state can't actually do that because they'd get sued, or because as you say the first responders will always respond no matter what.

I still think the statewide ban was heavy-handed, especially today. Norwalk only got 15" of snow, nobody lost power, and the Post Road plus many other roads are completely clear. Maybe other areas needed the travel ban but Norwalk certainly didn't.

"Why should 1st Responders risk their lives to rescue you b/c you can't/won't heed warnings?"
Because it's the job that they choose to have. Because it is what they are paid to do. if they don't like the job they could always quit.

" are potentially risking the lives of first responders, utility workers and other residents", if you go somewhere you have to be, or come home from your job. Should these evil doers not be charged with Attempted Negligent Homicide? Go out to get milk for the baby, or want to check on your elderly mother in another town? Then you become a "killer on the road; his brain is squirmin' like a toad". These people, if caught by "First Responders", need to be checked for assault weapons, while they are at it. More hysteria from the idiot in Hartford.