Threat Of Pre-Thanksgiving Storm Drops For Norwalk

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Forecasters now say Fairfield County is unlikely to get hit by another major storm Thanksgiving week. Photo Credit:

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. - This appears to be the nor'easter that isn't going to hit Fairfield County. 

After meteorological distress spread widely Wednesday that yet another major storm would harass the weather-weary region with winds and rain or snow, forecasters said this weather system would likely miss Fairfield County. 

"The latest indications are that a slowly brewing storm in the western Atlantic will stay away from the mid-Atlantic and New England during the week of Thanksgiving," meteorologist Alex Sosnowski wrote on

Thanksgiving week will likely be dry, Sosnowski wrote, which will be good news for travelers. 

"With the more eastern track becoming more likely for this particular storm, a zone of sunshine will stretch from the interior South to the New England coast this weekend and perhaps right through Thanksgiving Day," Sosnowski wrote. 

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Comments (4)

Broad River:

Once you begin borrowing money to buy food, you have begun your journey down the slippery slope to your own financial ruins.

Broad River:

This is wonderful news for those living in New Jersey and out on Long Island, hundreds still in tents.
Good news for the kids in Norwalk that will have vacation time trimmed for any further lost school days due to weather.
Good news for the meteorologists if they're right.
So Snow Ski eh?


This is good news to the travelers for thanksgiving week!

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