Woman Gets 6 Months In Jail For Killing 2 After Driving From Norwalk Bar

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

STAMFORD, Conn. -- Emotional outbursts could be heard throughout the courtroom after a Stamford woman was sentenced to six months in prison for killing two people while driving drunk on I-95 in Darien, according to ctnews.com. 

Candace Blanks, 43, had been drinking at a bar in South Norwalk in October 2010 and was on her way home to Stamford when she hit  Felipe Chagas, 19, of Bethel and Greenwich High grad and Stamford resident Lucas Silva, 21, while they were changing a flat tire on the side of I-95, ctnews.com reported. 

Blanks dragged Silva 170 feet under her Lincoln Navigator and pinned Chagas underneath the car he was working on, ctnews.com said. 

Blanks failed all field sobriety tests, urinated on herself and asked to call home to tell her dog she wouldn't be coming home after the accident, according to ctnews.com. 

Blanks attempted to apologize to families who were seated in the front rows of the courtroom before she was handcuffed and taken away, ctnews.com said. 

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Photographs of the victims and the mug shot of the perpetrator, and a summary, perhaps this article, all should be posted together prominantly in bars.