Norwalk Weather: Snow Likely Over Friday Night

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The freezing weather is likely to continue this weekend with possibly up to 2 inches of snow to accompany it. Photo Credit:

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – This weekend's weather will start cold and windy with light snow possible throughout Fairfield County Friday night.

Windy weather from the northwest, with strengths of 25-30 miles an hour that will last through Friday evening, will cause the wind chill to drop to around zero at the coast and as low as (minus) -10 further inland, the National Weather Service forecasts.

Snow showers are possible throughout Friday getting stronger as the day progresses. Less than 1 inch of snow is forecast to accumulate along the coast, but further inland the service says accumulation could be up to 2 inches.

The service warns people to avoid long exposure to the cold weather. If you have to go outside, cover up as much as possible limiting the amount of exposed skin to ward against frostbite and hypothermia. The severe cold weather also can damage water pipes; any water pipes that are exposed to the outside should be shut off to prevent bursting.

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