See A Rare Alignment Of Planets In Norwalk Sunday

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – A rare celestial event peaks on Sunday as Venus, Jupiter and Mercury appear together in the night sky in what astronomers call a “Grand Conjunction.”

Weather permitting, the trio of planets will be visible in the night sky beginning at dusk. The last time three planets were seen together was May 2011, and the next time won't be until October 2015, according to NASA.

The planetary movements will be visible to the naked eye, although astronomers say binoculars will enhance the view. Venus will be the most visible planet, followed by Jupiter and Mercury.

All the action takes place low in the west-northwest sky.

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Comments (8)

The title of this article is misleading.Will the planets actually be in New Rochelle on Sunday?Or they will be able to be viewed on Sunday?How big of a zoom lens do I need to capture this event?Will I be able to fill the whole frame with the 3 planets?Or only a small portion?I'm sure the exposure will be less than 10 seconds,eliminating trailing.

From May 24th to 29th, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury all fit within a 5° circle. That means that you can view all three at the same time with most hand-held binoculars.
The grouping is tightest on May 26th,( 45 Minutes after sunset ) when all three planets fit in a 2½° circle. Jupiter appears right next to Venus on the 27th, and after that it slowly pulls down and right of Venus, disappearing from view in early June.