Norwalk's Phenomenal Weather Will Linger All Week

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Evan Vanvelzor, 3, top, and Garryn Constance, 4, play Monday at the Marvin Children Center in Norwalk. Photo Credit: Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – Something was new about the Norwalk preschoolers under Valentina Iacono's watchful eyes Monday – they were wearing sweatshirts, leggings and jackets.

Photo Album Marvin Children's Center Kids

So were many other people around Norwalk. While some maintained their summer-apparel with shorts and T-shirts, others were bundled up in long sleeves.

High temperatures since the first of the month have been 77 to 83 degrees. The high temperature Monday was 73, according to the National Weather Service. The lows since Sept. 1 have been 65 degrees, but Monday it hit 58 degrees.

"This is too cold," Iacono said as children played around her in the Marvin Children's Center playground. "I love the summer."

It was a stark change for Sandi Hanzilk, a Norwalker who was walking the beach. Hanzilk got "burned on the beach" in Rhode Island on Sunday morning, but then she heard on the radio that there was a tornado watch in Fairfield County. Startled, she drove home through "the bedlam" and found black skies south of Bridgeport just after 6 p.m.

"Down here it was scary," she said. "I drove into blackness, and I was like, 'Oh my God.'"

Monday was a different story. "It's pretty phenomenal," she said.

The Weather Channel predicts a high temperature of 74 degrees Tuesday, with a low of 53 degrees. Wednesday's high will hit 79 degrees, with a low of 57.

It is predicted to hit 80 degrees Thursday and Friday, with lows hovering at about 60.

Is it fall yet? "I don't feel it but a lot of people think it is," said Paula Patalino, another Norwalker enjoying the beach.

She noticed some leaves were changing color last week near Oak Hills Golf Course. "I saw a patch of orange, and I ran away from it as quick as I could," she said. "Love the summer."

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