Norwalk Reminds Residents Of Snow-Plowing Policies

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Norwalk reminds residents of its snow removal policy. Photo Credit: Conributed

NORWALK, Conn. -- The Norwalk Department of Public Works is reminding residents about its snow-removal policy to ensure safe and efficient cleanup after winter storms.

Main roads are plowed and salted first with special attention given to steep hills and difficult intersections, the city said in a statement. Side streets may remain unplowed if the main roads require repeated plowing for Emergency Service Personnel.

The greatest hindrance to efficient snow removal is privately owned vehicles that are parked on the street, the city said. Residents should make every attempt to move vehicles off the street during every snow event.

Norwalk property owners are responsible for keeping all sidewalks along their property clear of snow and ice. The city clears only those sidewalks that are not abutted by private property.

Norwalk prohibits private plowing contractors from pushing snow from driveways or parking lots onto the streets. This practice is dangerous and impedes snow removal efforts. Private plowers who violate this prohibition will be cited and fined.

There are a number of streets designated as Emergency Snow Routes and are marked with signs. When the Mayor declares a snow emergency, it is illegal to park on either side of these streets.

Resident cooperation can be very helpful to the efficient removal of snow and ice throughout Norwalk. Here’s what you can do to help:

• Remove all vehicles from the street during every snowfall.

• Clear snow and ice from all sidewalks and footpaths that adjoin your property.

• Do not shovel or plow snow into the street after the  plow has begun clearing that street.

• Remove soccer goals, basketball hoops and other such items from the sides of streets.

• If there are no curbs on your street, you can place inexpensive reflectors at the edge of your lawn to help the plow driver determine where the pavement ends.

• If at all possible, avoid travel during snow removal operations.

• Refrain from calling Police, Fire, Public Works or Customer Service to find out when your street will be plowed. Such calls detract from management’s attention to the task at hand. Crews are working diligently with available resources to clear all streets as quickly as possible.

• Call the Customer Service Center at 854-3200 only if you have a legitimate concern or complaint.

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