Norwalk Redevelopment Agency Seeks West Avenue Input

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Norwalk is soliciting input from residents on planned improvements for West Avenue, shown here just north of Interstate 95. Photo Credit: Norwalk Redevelopment Agency

NORWALK, Conn. – The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency is soliciting suggestions from residents on plans to improve West Avenue and make it a more user-friendly urban corridor between South Norwalk and the Wall Street area.

The agency is planning a “substantial increase” in the number of trees along the route, officials said, with new brick sidewalks, bike lanes, improved lighting and landscaping, and small pedestrian plazas.

In addition, the city plans to incorporate portions of the Norwalk River Valley Trail, an off-road linear park along sections of the Norwalk River, which crosses West Avenue near the Stepping Stones Museum for Children and the soon-to-be former YMCA building.

The agency received resident input on the plans during a community workshop in November, and officials have scheduled another session for Monday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Stepping Stones, 303 West Ave.

Residents can also take an online survey to offer feedback about the plans, located on the city’s website.

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Comments (2)

Uncle Dave:

It is really important to have a pretty sidewalk between the 4 redevelopment projects that are just dirt piles. Smith street, center of Wall POKO, West Ave / Orchard and the largest dirt pile Reed/Putnam.
I would love to know how much tax revenue has been lost by knocking down all the buildings and chasing the businesses away.

Ken P Jr:

Make a park in the vacant area south of 95. We have given everyone plenty of time to build & get rich. Why should we be stuck looking at a big pit for years on end because somebody made a poor business decision. Break ground next week or we start planting trees and lawns for the new West Ave Park. That Norwalk River valley thing is a joke too. Goes from a dump to a paved sidewalk between buildings and a highway, is that all the residents here are worth? Crappy leftovers? We need start focusing on here & now instead of attracting new people or business. If Norwalk becomes a nicer place to live FOR THOSE WHO LIVE HERE, people will come even without a fancy new development on West Ave.

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