Norwalk Police Donating Food To Storm Relief In Queens

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Norwalk Officer Pat English is donating use of his food truck, Hot Off The Grill, for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in Queens.
Norwalk Officer Pat English is donating use of his food truck, Hot Off The Grill, for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in Queens. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ashley Gonzalez

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk police officers will be traveling to the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens on Sunday morning to feed 700 people who have been hit by Hurricane Sandy.

They are asking for help in the form of food, supplies and money for those who have lost power and, in some cases, their homes.

The movement is being spearheaded by Lt. Ashley Gonzalez and Officer Pat English, who is donating the use of his food truck, Hot Off The Grill. They will arrive in Queens with other officers at about 7 a.m. and distribute hot sandwiches and supplies.

"There is a tremendous need for hot food down there," Gonzalez said.

Another major need is gasoline. A lot of relief centers are running on generators, and many have no access to gas. They are asking people to donate legal gas cans and for anybody who can legally transport gas to help out.

They are also asking for supplies such as blankets, coats, hats, gloves, umbrellas, batteries, flashlights, generators, diapers, toiletries, baby food, canned food, paper towels and cleaning products. The donation drive is being coordinated with 596 Acres, which has a list of ways to help on its website.

Donations can be dropped off in the lobby of the Norwalk Police Department, 1 Monroe St. Any questions can be directed to Sgt. Lisa Cotto at

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Comments (8)

The people who do the most on a regular basis, every week, do not brag about it or seek recognition for their efforts. The PD tried, at one time, to require a certain level of volunteer unpaid time and the state labor dept was quick to point out that requiring free labor was, in effect, a way of reducing the pay of the folks affected. For example, if we pay $100 for 20 hours of work, that is $5 per hour. If, as a condition, we require an additional 5 hours of free time, we are really only paying $4 per hour. An employer can encourage free volunteer time, but cannot require it.

Thumbs up to the NPD! We are fortunate to leave in a city with such with a strong and organized infrastructure and it showed after the storm by getting things back to normal in record time.
Yes, it is true that many are unfortunate and look for food every day but again the city of Norwalk has one of the best community centers among the State and without this service and their volunteers who run it every day the story wouldn't be the same. What we lack is more Norwalkers to volunteer two hours of their time a least once a month. Too busy to do so? Don’t worry if found the time to write and criticize you will find the time to stop by and serve a plate to the hungry in need.

I have a great idea maybe we should require each and every member of the NPD to volunteer 2 hours per week (104 per year) in Norwalk before they are allowed to take any extra duty assignment at time and a half..iIs pretty simple if it is written into the next contract. TALK ABOUT BONDING WITH HE COMMUNITY .Of course this will never happen as the current NPD is not part of the community as they are only in it for the money and then go back to where they live and its not Norwalk..

Thank you Norwalk PD, what a kind and thoughtful thing to do.

How about they do something for Norwalk for a change without being paid overtime.

Tim, how about meeting me at the community center. You won't get paid for your time or even overtime (if you can measure to the task) but I do promise you a very warm welcome and a happy and genuine smile.

Excellence point Tim as we have many here right in Norwalk that go hungry everyday..It seems strange how the NPD does nothing for nothing to the town that pays many of them in the six figures.