Norwalk Implements Smart Parking Through Technology

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New technology will update drivers around Norwalk about parking conditions in real time.
New technology will update drivers around Norwalk about parking conditions in real time. Photo Credit: File

NORWALK, Conn. -- Parking in Norwalk is about to become less of a hassle thanks to the implementation of smart-parking technology. 

The technology will provide visitors and residents with real-time occupancy data and guidance to available spaces for on and off-street parking in the city’s urban areas, ultimately improving mobility in Norwalk and transforming parking in the city.

Work to install the technology began in the spring in several parking facilities and continues through Friday, Aug. 22, in the Wall Street and South Norwalk areas.

CASE Parking, a parking data solutions provider, and Streetline, Inc., a leading global provider of sensor-based smart-parking technology, have partnered to help create the new system. 

CASE parking will collect occupancy data from parking lots and garages while Streetline is outfitting the urban core with 200 sensors that collect occupancy data in real-time. Data from both systems will be streamed directly into Streetline's mobile app, called Parker that motorists can use to easily find available parking.

“The Norwalk Parking Authority is always looking for innovative solutions for our customers and our city,” Julius Hayward, chairman of the authority said in a statement. “These new technologies will provide real-time information on where there are available parking spaces both on-street as well as in our parking facilities, helping visitors and residents of Norwalk more easily find parking spaces and park so they can get out and enjoy our city.”

Click here to download the new app. 

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Comments (2)

Norwalk's Parking Authority seems to have the inside track when it comes to taxpayer dollars. This real-time system indicates what must be THE priority when it comes to spending, especially with it's Draconian enforcement policies. While the schools remain mediocre at best, at least the city now has cutting edge technology in one area: parking enforcement. About what I'd expect from a city that elects a cop as mayor.

Norwalk Parking Authority isn't funded with taxpayer dollars. It's self-supported through parking revenue from metered spots and garages.