Norwalk Community College Investigates Anti-Gay Slur Written On Wall

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NORWALK, Conn. -- Officials at Norwalk Community College are investigating an anti-gay slur that was written on a bathroom wall.

The slur was discovered on the wall of a second-floor bathroom in the West Campus building, according to a notice sent out by NCC President David Levinson.

"This kind of behavior will not be tolerated and the person(s) responsible will be subject to disciplinary and legal action," Levinson wrote. "I would like to remind everyone that a bias incident of this kind is a criminal offense and a hate crime."

A hate crime is defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a criminal offense "motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender's bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin."

"Norwalk Community College is a diverse and welcoming community. The college upholds the Board of Regent's Non-Discrimination Policy," Levinson wrote. "If you see something that violates this policy, say something."

Levinson was not available for additional comment Wednesday, April 16. The incident is currently being investigated by campus security.

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Comments (3)

OMG people get some thick skin!! What a country of wusses!!!

Someone was actually offended by something written on a bathroom wall? More importantly, someone thought it was newsworthy?

.. and those who read these words of wit should ...

Sad to see such hate today, but it often wonder why nobody cares if it's something similar directed at heterosexuals or white people. Discrimination is bad no matter what and we should stop acting like gay people and minorities are the only ones who get offended or are discriminated against. Our own city often discriminates against white people, how often do we hear about them actively seeking Latinos or other ethnicities for positions and appointments. If anyone openly sought white people over others they'd be tarred and feathered. Discrimination stinks even when committed by those pretending to seek equality. Equality cannot exist alongside affirmative action or in a society which discriminates for any reason.