Norwalk Council OKs First Hurricane Sandy Spending

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The Norwalk Common Council Tuesday OK'd spending $725,000 to pay for debris removal and emergency overtime expenses associated with Hurricane Sandy. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is expected to reimburse the city for virtually all of it. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch
The Island Belle broke from its moorings next to Veteran's Memorial Park during Hurricane Sandy and came to rest across the river on the Water Street side. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk Common Council members unanimously approved a plan Tuesday to dip into the city’s “rainy day fund” to temporarily pay $725,000 toward costs associated with the city’s emergency response and debris removal caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Finance Director Tom Hamilton told the council that virtually all of the appropriation will be reimbursed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency due to the extensive damage the storm inflicted on the whole region.

“This money was for the city’s emergency response and debris removal,” Hamilton said. “This was approved by the Board of Estimate & Taxation at its December meeting.”

Because the storm affected such large portions of the tri-state area, FEMA has worked to speed up the reimbursements to municipalities, Hamilton said, so the city could receive federal funds before the end of the fiscal year on June 30.

Among the emergency efforts performed by city personnel during the storm was the securing of the Island Belle tourist boat, which broke free from its mooring next to Veteran’s Memorial Park and rested across the channel on the Water Street side.

“How much of our expenses are due to the Island Belle, and where are we in getting reimbursed by them?” asked Council member Anna Duleep. The city and the operators of the boat have had a rocky relationship in recent years due to disagreements over where and how the boat should be moored, among other issues.

Hamilton said the city is calculating the costs, but he did not yet know the exact amount.

“We’re preparing to pursue it,” said Corporation Counsel Robert Maslan, adding that he believes the amount is “a very small portion of the $725,000.”

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Comments (2)

Norwalk Native:

Great to see council members lower the partisan barriers and work as one to support our city!


thats great now lets see the bill itself.Looking at some items to be paid for has already cast a shadow of profit in confusion among certain departments in the city and I,m not talking police or fire.

Might be the time to go over the bill seems the Republican council complains more about questions than answers.

Maybe the Daily can provide us with a detailed list of things that cost the taxpayer money.

Oh thats right anything Federal or State doesn't come out of our Norwalk pockets.

That get old Dick,your hand is usually the first one out.

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