Metro-North Fares To Increase 5% On New Year’s Day For Norwalk Riders

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Fairfield County train riders will pay more beginning Jan. 1 after Metro-North implements a fare hike. Photo Credit: Vanessa Inzitari

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. — Catching a ride on Metro-North’s New Haven Line will cost Fairfield County residents a bit more green next year as a 5 percent fare increase goes into effect Jan. 1, the railroad announced.


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The increased fares will be implemented along the New Haven Line and Shore Line East, affecting all riders who travel between Connecticut and New York and between stations within the state. That includes on the Danbury, New Canaan and Waterbury branch lines. 

“Does it make me happy? Of course not, but what can you do?” said James Kingsley, who takes the train from Westport to Grand Central Terminal every day. “I can either pay the higher fares or I can drive over an hour in miserable traffic every morning. Personally, I’d rather continue to take the train.”

News of the fare hike comes only a week after a Metro-North train derailed in the Bronx, killing four passengers and injuring another 63. The Dec. 1 accident wasn’t the only trouble to afflict Metro-North this year.

Back in May, about 60 people were injured when one Metro-North train derailed and clipped a second one on the Fairfield/Bridgeport border. In the fall, service on the New Haven Line was severely disrupted for 12 days after a Con Edison power failure in Mount Vernon left an 8-mile stretch of the line without electricity.

“I think they’ve got nerve milking us for more money considering the year they’ve had,” said commuter Helen Frankel. “I wouldn’t mind so much if service was more reliable, but that’s not the case.”

But an increase in fares is necessary to keep up with rising operating costs, State Department of Transportation Commissioner James Redeker said.

“This fare increase is the third in nine years,” Redeker said in a statement. “During that time, operating expenses continued to grow due to inflation and service has been increased on weekdays and weekends on both the New Haven Line and Shore Line East.

"We held several hearings throughout the state prior to adopting the phased implementation of fare increases over three years.”

Train riders who will feel the fare increases the most are those who purchases monthly rail passes. Monthly tickets on sale for January will reflect the new fares.

To see a sampling of the new fares, click here.

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Comments (25)


This could have all been avoided had the republicans not given the money for tax breaks for big oil instead of modern technology for mass transit.


I guess the insurance is going up, now that the union guy fell asleep on the job.

That's okay, much like all unions they simply pass the cost on to the consumers.

jason parraga.5:

It was never confirmed that the employee fell to sleep so please stop posting lies.


Really, you mean the guy that said "I fell asleep" has not been confirmed?

HA HA HA, too funny!

PS: is the sky blue in your world?

Right Wing Insanity:

He never said that. You made it up.
HA HA HA, too funny!

PS: is the sky blue in your world?


Don't forget now, this higher fare includes the FLIGHT leg of your trip, after the engineer falls asleep and the train leaves the track on the last leg of the trip to the banks of the Harlem River.

Broad River:

The fare increase is the third in nine years and the cost of living has risen 1.5 - 1.7 percent year after year, it doesn't look unusual to be set at 5 percent.


They need the increase to pay union pensions, not for upgrades.

jason parraga.5:

The republicans gave money to the big oil companies for tax breaks instead of the MTA for safety improvements.


Who is auditing the MTA? How much of the fare increases are going into new train cars, safety improvements and new equipment versus salaries for a bloated administration? How much of the MTA's budget is going toward construction of the new World Trade Center? These are the questions commuters should ask at public hearings, and that our government representatives should ask of the MTA. Clearly Metro North's string of safety failures this year indicate that corners are being cut and people have been killed and injured as a result.

Broad River:

None of that was discussed but your $16 /day x 20 days isn't making anybody rich. That would barely cover fuel for your car. Not the cost of your vehicle, maintenance, repairs, insurance, taxes or cost of parking. Take a moment with some scrap paper and actually add those costs up for yourself. I'd say you're pocketing a pretty penny from the subsidy I contribute to. You're welcome in advance!
Let's take a 30K car, financed over 5 years at 0% interest. 6K a year. $16.43 a day.

Broad River:

It kills me to read, ' it's unfair to milk us for money' .
Drive you car into Manhattan for one day, just one day. Obviously you are taking the train out of cost. 5% is cheap ! You know it, we know it, they know it.

Mr. Zippy:

you get what you pay for...except if it is govt and union controlled entity

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