Metro-North Fare Increase Hits Jan. 1 For Norwalk Riders

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Fair increases on Metro-North  take effect on Wednesday, Jan. 1.
Fair increases on Metro-North take effect on Wednesday, Jan. 1. Photo Credit: Suzanne Samin

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Fairfield County residents who ride Metro-North's New Haven Line will see a 5 percent increase in fares beginning Wednesday, Jan. 1.

The increased fares will be implemented along the New Haven Line and Shore Line East, affecting all riders who travel between Connecticut and New York and between stations within the state. That includes the Danbury, New Canaan and Waterbury branch lines.

Most Metro-North riders are opposed to the rate increases, especially after the year that included two major derailments, one of which was fatal, and a power outage that left the New Haven Line in the dark for 12 days. 

In a voluntary online survey, 88 percent of Daily Voice readers who participated were opposed to any rate hikes. Nine percent felt the rate increases were necessary and three percent didn't have an opinion. 

To view a full outline of the fare increases, click here

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The fare increase will be used to pay for a union employee whose sole purpose is to tap the engineer on the shoulder and wake him up when the train approaches a particularly dangerous curve. Don't complain about this; it's for your protection. The passengers are still responsible for waking up this new employee, should he or she "zone out", in time to wake up the engineer.