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Map Details Hurricane Flood Risk in Norwalk

NORWALK, Conn. – Is your home at risk of being flooded if Hurricane Irene bears down on Norwalk this weekend? A map from the Connecticut Hurricane Evaluation Study shows which areas in town are at risk of being flooded when the storm pushes high waves on shore.

On the map, areas shaded light green are at risk of flooding during a Category 1 hurricane. Areas shaded dark green are at risk of flooding during a Category 2 storm. Yellow shaded areas show inundation in a Category 3 hurricane, and the purple shaded areas show anticipated flooding in a Category 4 storm.

The map also shows where each of the emergency shelters are located: Brien McMahon High School, Norwalk High School and Ponus Ridge Middle School.

To view the full map online, visit the the Army Corps of Engineers website and click Norwalk.

Is your house located in a potential flood zone? How are you preparing?