Malloy: Metro-North Trains 'Extremely Limited;' Seek Alternate Commute

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FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Metro-North train commuters should brace for a lousy Wednesday afternoon commute due to a continued power failure along the New Haven Line, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy said. 

Train riders should avoid taking the train Wednesday, if at all possible, Malloy said.

For the remainder of Wednesday, "extremely limited train service using diesel locomotives on the New Haven Line will remain in effect between Stamford and Grand Central Terminal," Metro-North said in a statement. This is "due to the loss of Con Edison feeders that supply traction power to the NHL electric fleet."

And the problem may continue into Thursday, Metro-North said in a statement. A train/bus shuttle service is being planned for the morning rush hour Thursday, if needed. Further information will be provided later Wednesday, Metro-North said.

The cutback service on Wednesday can accommodate only 10 percent of the regular ridership on the New Haven Line, Metro-North said. Train customers should expect crowded conditions. 

Under the limited service Wednesday: 

  • Hourly eastbound service leaves Grand Central Terminal every 10 minutes after the hour and makes all local stops to Stamford.
  • Hourly westbound service leaves Stamford on the hour and makes all local stops to Grand Central Terminal.
  • Electric train service from New Haven, leaving about 14 minutes after every hour, to and from Stamford continues to operate Wednesday.

Con Edison is working at the scene to assess the extent of the damage and determine the length of time to return power to the New Haven Line.

ConEd crews were "working to restore a 138kV feeder cable, serving the Metro-North New Haven Line, after the cable failed at 5:22 a.m. today," it said in a statement. "Another feeder normally providing service to the New Haven Line was out on scheduled repairs to accommodate Metro-North upgrades on their equipment." The faulty feeder lines are in Westchester County, N.Y.

New Haven Line tickets continue to be cross-honored on the Harlem Line for commuters looking for a different train.

Malloy will hold a news briefing from the State Emergency Operations Center in Hartford at 4 p.m. to provide updates.

Commuters should check the Metro-North website for service updates.

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Comments (6)

We're moving toward third world service levels on Metro North; however I'm sure the unions have ensured that employee compensation will not be affected. Where is Mussolini when you need him?

Unions are lining their pockets and charging the rider more money for "repairs", they are also exempt from Obamacare.

They give so much money to Obama, he sort of works for them. Like GE who pay no taxes. Obama corruption, gotta love it!

And who gets screwed in the end? Middle class people of course.

Factless right wing propaganda talking points.

Greenbeanie states

"We're moving toward third world service levels on Metro North"

I agree and would add its all because of the years of neglect by past Republican administration...ALL WHILE GIVING TAKE BREAKS TO BIG OIL.

when Jim Himes was running for his seat I had the opportunity to meet him in Stamford and asked him what his plan was for the traffic problems in Fairfield County and his response was "I have a plan." How is that working out?

New Haven line deteriorates by the day