Malloy: Expect Big Traffic, Transit Delays All Week After Metro-North Crash

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Commuters board shuttle buses after Friday's train crash near the Fairfield-Bridgeport border. Metro-North will continue bus service between Bridgeport and Stamford while the tracks are being repaired. Photo Credit: Greg Canuel

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – Residents can expect chaos on highways and rail lines in Fairfield County for at least the next week as crews continue to repair damage caused by Friday evening’s train collision, Gov. Dannel Malloy said Sunday evening.

“There are going to be substantial delays until we get this line back in full service,” Malloy said in a press conference. “Residents should plan for a week’s worth of disruptions. The delays will not be limited to mass transit, as more people get behind the wheel to drive and make their own connections.”

The state will activate the Emergency Operations Center to help manage the crowed highways. Connecticut State Police and the state’s tow services will also be prepared to clear accidents quickly.

The state will have 150 buses on the highways as train shuttles, in addition to the normal rush-hour traffic. Malloy also noted that the weather is expected to be wet Monday morning, causing more potential problems. About 30,000 rail commuters’ rides will be affected by the disruptions, he said.

“If all of those were to get on the highway in single-occupancy cars, we will literally have a parking lot,” Malloy said.

Malloy asked commuters to carpool or work from home if possible for the next week. He also suggested that those who work in New York find places to stay in the city until Metro North’s New Haven Line is back to full capacity.

Metro-North announced Sunday that it would have shuttle trains running between New Haven and Bridgeport and bus service bridging the gap from Bridgeport to Stamford until further notice. Trains will run as normal between South Norwalk and Grand Central Terminal on the New Haven Line, with limited service to Westport.

The full plan is available in more detail here. Schedules are also available on the Metro North website.

“The shuttle services will be operating, but it will be very difficult for customers,” Transportation Commissioner James Redeker said Sunday. “There will be lines. It will take longer. It’s going to be a difficult commute if that’s your option.”

For commuters who decide to drive part of the way, parking will be free even without permits at the Darien and Noroton Heights stations. However, Darien Police warn that the area near the stations is expected to be chaotic during rush hours Monday.

“Commuters are encouraged to arrive at train stations earlier than usual to allow time to find sufficient parking,” the Darien Police said in a press release. “Motorists are urged to use caution while traveling to or through these areas.”

A total of 76 people were hospitalized after Friday’s collision, Malloy said Sunday. Of those, six are still at St. Vincent’s and Bridgeport Hospital combined. One is still in critical condition.

“We have not had an accident like this in any recent time,” Malloy said.

The National Transportation Safety Board will turn over the crash scene to local authorities Sunday evening, so the Department of Transportation and the MTA can begin replacing the removed sections of track, NTSB member Earl Weener said Sunday. 

The NTSB will continue analyzing the most damaged cars in the Bridgeport rail yard. Two sections of rails are also heading to a laboratory in Washington for analysis. It will take about a year before the final report on the incident is complete, Weener said.

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Comments (11)


Each and every post is from ponytail Steve. He posts and then argues with himself. He is just thst sad and lonely. He will deny this but thst is to be expected. He had this same MO on topix until called out.

The Norwalk Truth:

Senate Republicans reject Obama call to end 'big oil' tax breaks

Washington (CNN) -- Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked a Democratic measure championed by President Barack Obama to end tax breaks for the major oil companies.

The procedural vote of 51-47, which failed to reach the needed threshold of 60 in favor, killed the measure, which was given little chance of eventually winning approval in the Republican-controlled House. Four Democrats opposed the bill while one Republican supported it.

Obama and Democrats had pushed it in an attempt to gain political advantage as rising gas prices continue to hurt and anger American voters in an election year.


Oh, yuck! There's a virus on that page!!!!!!!!

So, you are now blaming the rail accident on a tax break for major oil companies?

And by the way, your original post spoke about the fact that RELL ignored the infrastructure and caused the train accident. Rell has not been in office since 2011. My calendar says it's 2013.

You also stated that Rell gave major tax breaks to oil companies. I don't believe that we have any oil refineries in Connecticut. While the major oil corporations do conduct business in our state, I'd like to see evidence that the State of Connecticut gave major oil companies tax breaks.



I agree with you but there are those who look at the posts and take what they read for gospel truth. Some of those who post try to prevent others from finding out the facts by stating there's a virus on any given link. Of course, anyone who has at least a working knowledge of computers and the Internet knows how to use the search bar for either Google, Bing or Yahoo.

The thing that floors me is that these posters persist in putting up blatant lies that are so easily disproved simply by typing in something like "List of Connecticut Governors" or even ConnDotRail (the shortened form of Connecticut Department of Transportation: Office of Rails) in the search bar to actually find out the facts.

And of course, once the actual truth or facts are posted, their response is is to call me a liar. I'm like..."For real? Is that the best you can do?" They gotta be wearing tin foil hats for sure. I have to admit though, my favorite exchange was about Rev. Mann when I mentioned she'd been recognized by the NPD for her contributions prior to the whole beach riot mess. Of course, the immediate response following that post was predictably that I was a liar. Oh, well, sorry guys, that statement came directly off her biography webpage. I laughed for about half a day over that one.

And when Timmy runs out of snappy (ha!) replies or realizes he's been backed into a corner by facts, he flips over to the sex thing and posts 20 posts about his supposed sex life, which I'm willing to bet none of us are interested in. It's pretty sad really, but I'm not going to let Timmy & Co. get away with smearing people and mis-representing facts.

By the way, how many user names is he up to these days? I lost count.


And you know this how?

The New York/New Haven line is managed by the Connecticut Department of Transportation: Office of Rails. Over the past five or six years, there have been major replacements and repairs underway. Both the New Canaan and the Danbury spur lines have experienced major work, as have a number of railroad bridges. Fairfield just opened a brand new second station not too far from where the derailment happened and it looks like Bridgeport may also be getting a second station. Those kinds of projects do not happen overnight. It takes planning and permits.

As a matter of fact, let's talk a bit more about the work that has taken place on the New York/New Haven line. Here's what the webpage for ConnDOT:Office of Rails says:

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) with the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) developed a multi-faceted integrated approach to replace the current Rail Car Fleet. The ConnDOT proposal became Senate Bill 2000, which was signed into law on July 1, 2005. The $1.3 billion Transportation Improvement Program provides for the design and purchase of 342 passenger cars for the New Haven Line as well as a new rail maintenance facility and other public transportation initiatives.

Specifically the first Transportation Package passed in 2005 included:

$667 million for new rail cars on the New Haven Line,
$300 million for new rail maintenance facilities,
$187 million for “congestion mitigation” measures on Interstate 95 from Greenwich to North Stonington,
$150 million for improvements to I-84 and I-91, as well as other state
roads and highways,
$7.5 million for new transit buses.

Oh yeah, and Malloy was not the Governor of the State of Connecticut in 2005, Jodi Rell was. And back in 2000 when the proposals first came forward, Rowland was the Governor.

Nice try.

Irish Girl:

More lies and propaganda from our resident troll paige. This simpleton actually believes that wikipedia is a source..Too funny.. But Nice try..The only one I can see believing your lies is that other moron ponytail steve.


Interesting how you dismiss FACTS as lies and propaganda.

If Rowland and Rell were not governors in 2000 and 2005 respectively, who was? It wasn't Weicker, that's for sure. Clearly, you live in an alternate universe. I'm not sure where that is located and quite truthfully, I don't even want to know.


Ah, our friend from La-La land checks in! Nice try!

The link to Wikipedia is a list of our governors from a non State source and there is no virus at the State website. You can call it all a lie, but it does not change the fact that Malloy was not the Governor in 2000 when the legislation was passed for these projects or 2005 when the projects were funded.

However, here's the link to the Connecticut State Library page listing all our Governors since the 1600. And neither the dates nor the names change.

Jim J:

This is all due to the many years of neglect of the mass transit infrastructure by the Republicans . All while giving tax breaks to the big oil companied while they made record profits


You are 100 percent correct as we all know the Republicans are the party of destruction.
Irish Girl
Thanks for the heads up about the virus that Paige posted.

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