Malloy Asks Non-Essential Employees To Stay Home Monday

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FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – The slow clearing of state and local roads prompted Gov. Dannel Malloy to order all non-emergency personnel to remain home Monday.

However, employees who work evening and midnight shift should plan to report to work as normal on Monday.

“Getting streets clear and making them safer for everyone is a priority, so I am asking nonessential state employees to stay home tomorrow,” said Malloy in a statement. “I understand that everyone wants to get back to normal as quickly as possible. Crews are working around the clock to accomplish that goal. But the last thing we need at this point is a typical morning rush hour commute. Traffic build-up will only delay the effort to clear our roads."

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Comments (4)

We shouldnt have any non essential state workers. But besides that, does this guy actually think there wont be any rush hour traffic because a few state workers get a paid day off?

Good point Ken. One has to wonder why there is such a long list of non-essential workers getting paid to stay home today, especially when the state is borrowing money to pay operating expenses.

Ken - being a little nitpicky, aren't we? In this context "nonessential" clearly means not immediately necessary for the preservation of life or property - like building custodians or DMV counter employees and the like. Doesn't mean they're nonessential to the operation of the state, just that they can stay home TODAY and nobody dies.

And if they're encouraging EVERYONE to still stay off the roads, wouldn't it set a poor example to have business-as-usual in state office buildings?

Here you go