Jobs Will Be Created As Connecticut Spends $1 Billion On Roads, Bridges

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Work continues to widen the roadway on I-95 near Route 7 in Norwalk. The state is increasing its spending on road and bridge projects.
Work continues to widen the roadway on I-95 near Route 7 in Norwalk. The state is increasing its spending on road and bridge projects. Photo Credit: File Photo

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- More than $1 billion in state and federal funds will be spent in Fairfield County and Connecticut to make improvements on highways and bridges, the state has announced.

The money will pay for 250 miles of state highway resurfacing and more than 40 bridge restoration projects, among other things. One of the projects will be reconstruction at Interstate 84 Exits 5 and 6 and Route 37 in Danbury. 

“With this funding, we are investing in jobs for Connecticut residents, strengthening and updating our aging roadways and bridges, making travel safer and, in the long-run, improving our transportation infrastructure to encourage economic development and attract new business to the state,” Gov. Dannel Malloy said in a statement.

More than $537 million for road construction and repairs was approved Friday by the State Bond Commission, Malloy said. That will pay for a series of construction and maintenance projects through the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s capital infrastructure program.

Much of the funding will be used to leverage $600 million in federal transportation aid to update, strengthen and improve the safety of Connecticut’s highways, bridges, rail and transit systems. Combined, the more than $1 billion in state and federal funding is expected to create or retain nearly 20,000 construction-related jobs.

“We are taking the smart approach by tackling these maintenance projects now, so we aren’t paying more out-of-pocket down the road when our highways and bridges reach the end of their design life," the governor said. "I am committed to bringing our transportation system into the 21st century and, with the help of federal dollars, the funding allocated in this bond package is a large step toward that goal.”

Malloy highlighted an allocation of $113 million for DOT’s Interstate Highway Program to construct, resurface or restore several major interstate highway segments, including Pavement Preservation Projects on I-95 in Groton and I-84 in Vernon, widening I-84 in Waterbury between Exits 22 and 25A, reconstruction at Interstate 84 Exits 5 and 6 and Route 37 in Danbury, and funds for the continuation of the Q Bridge I-95 New Haven Harbor Crossing Corridor Improvement Program. The state funding will be supplemented by nearly $300 million in federal transportation aid. 

DOT’s State Bridge Program will be allocated $33 million to rehabilitate or replace more than 30 bridges. About $50 million in federal aid will be leveraged from the use of the requested State Bridge bond funds.

The Bond Commission also allocated more than $115 million for the Fix-it-First State Bridges and Roads program to rehabilitate and reconstruct several roadways and bridges on the state highway system. The “fix-it-first” approach ensures that preventive maintenance and repair of existing roads are the highest priority for spending. 

“Our transportation infrastructure must be constantly maintained and, whenever possible, upgraded,” said DOT Commissioner James P. Redeker. “This funding directly supports our mission and commitment to the people of Connecticut to manage our roads, bridges, rails, buses and waterways and keep them as safe as possible.”

In addition, the Bond Commission allocated $14.2 million for DOT’s Capital Resurfacing and Related Construction Program. The funding will go toward capital resurfacing and expressway upgrades along various state routes, including I-84 in Southington/Cheshire and Route 15 in Stratford/Milford. About $56.9 million in federal aid will be leveraged.

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Comments (34)

I love how these people "create" jobs, with funding from nearly-bankrupt Connecticut; and by "leveraging" money from the totally bankrupt federal government. Both of these entities will come crashing down before the bridges do.

Are you saying CT will become like Detroit in the near future? Hmmm...

If we let the Republicans have their way

If we let the democrats have their way

It will become like Detroit only if the Republicans get they are the party of destruction.
Can you say BUSH.

Hey new user name, you DO realize Detroit has been run by democrats since 1961, correct?

You do realize ALL of your post are off topic as this article is about
"Jobs Will Be Created As Connecticut Spends $1 Billion On Roads, Bridges"
Yes you are correct I am a new user. A new user that is about to call it quits because of your obsessive postings, trolling, stalking and spam.

Please call it quits, you have enough names on this site.

But I guess it makes you appear smart replying to yourself? Is that why you do that?

PS: change your writing style and grammar if you want to fool people?

Welcome to the attacks of Ffctguitar. Do not leave the site because of him as he has attacked everyone on the site and has accused everyone of being the same person. He has had several user names banned for this reason but keeps making new ones. I have had to email the CEO of the DV because of the stalking from Ffctguitar. Its a shame the moderator can't do something about him destroying this site as many have complained about him.

One word for Republican failure.. BUSH Need I say more?

Democrats have run Detroit since 1961. Need I say more?

And look at union greed, how it goes hand in hand with the democratic party.

Remember when the unions bought off obama? Over 185 union waivers. All exempt from Obamacare mandate. And the IRS employees union now wants an exemption from the same Obamacare that the rest of us are supposed to live with.

Kick these bums to the curb ASAP!

Its painful to read that a Democrat spends his budget and spins it like something great happened. "Hey everyone, I went to work today! Clap for me!!!"

So lets see the Republican Bush created the job situation we have. The Republican bring nothing to the table to fix it. Yet they still manage to complain when the Democrats repair yet another of the Republican Bush's screw ups Amazing

Mr Norwalk
Excellent point I agree

I95 in Fairfield is so much FUN!!! Takes me 30 minutes, sometimes 45 minutes to go 15 miles every day each way!

Lousy roads are a hidden tax on businesses, workers and the general public.

I'd feel better about it IF all gasoline tax money went to road improvements instead of other spending! (as originally proposed)

Thank You Republicans for your insane posts. If it were not for them we would not be able to laugh all day. You are our entertainment.

"With this funding, we are investing in jobs" I love how they use the word investing instead of spending.

It is investing because when people have jobs people spend money. When people spend money it repairs the economy that Bush destroyed.

This is a great start after years of neglect by past Republican administrations

Is this the comments section that you have picked to pollute today as if this is your own blog. You post nothing factual and only post right wing propaganda. Get your own blog or better yet get a job. I think I speak for the whole site when I say we have had it with you destroying this site day after day.

I was just thinking the same exact thing. Its really a shame how one person can destroy a whole site.

So lets see, Malloy is simply doing his job of spending money and suddenly he is a hero?

Liberal logic:
Malloy went to work today. He is therefor a GOD!

No matter how desperate the democratic party is, they simply have ZERO results to stand on.

What's wrong with these liberal politicians and their obsession with roads and bridges? Every time they need to show that they do "something" to improve the economy, they will come up with the same thing over and over again: fixing roads and bridges. It is some kind of fetish for these people. Or maybe they just have no new ideas on how to fix the economy.

Still better than the right wingers who do Zero to fix the economy that they destroyed. I am fairly certain that taxpayers would rather see money spent on roads and bridges than tax breaks to big oil companies that the Republicans are so famous for.

You have to laugh at how desperate they have become.

Even funnier, the people (person) that thinks this is simply amazing news!!!!

Fix economy? Why do that when they can blame Bush for their failures?

You should clarify that when you say they that you are referring to the Republicans.

Amazing how the Republicans on this site take an extremely positive and attempt to spin it into a negative. This is one of the many reasons why the Republicans will never see the white house again. This is very typical of has beens that never do anything to improve but always destroy.

Thanks Governor Malloy for tending to the highways that have been ignored by the past Republican administrations

Whatever jobs are created will go to either out of state or illegal workers. Meanwhile CT workers will still be paying higher taxes, and watching as more CT companies relocate elsewhere.
Thanks Gov Malloy, for nothing.

Well Malloy DID get his name in the news. That is something the democrats value over results.
And everyone knows the construction language went from Italian american to Spanish.
So they guy is doing his job, spending money and the one angry liberal thinks he is God. That is liberal logic for you, folks!

Odd as I see many proud liberals stating facts. I do however see one right winger taking over this site with lies and propaganda.

Your post is so far from the truth. All state of CT construction contracts go to state of Ct companies.

If you read this article closely, it is basically explaining how Malloy is going to spend money given to him by the feds.
He is not creating a single job, he is spending money. He is "allocating" money and the road repairs are nothing new, they have to be maintained regardless.
Sort of a fluff article...

You may want to have someone read the article to you as it says nothing of the sort.

That's a great initiative from Gov. Malloy. Others Governors should do the same.