Heavy Rains Cause Flooding On Water Street In Norwalk

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A car tries to drive through flooded Water Street in South Norwalk Wednesday following heavy rains that soaked the area.
A car tries to drive through flooded Water Street in South Norwalk Wednesday following heavy rains that soaked the area. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NORWALK, Conn. – A section of Water Street in South Norwalk experienced some flooding as a result of the heavy rains of Tuesday and Wednesday, according to city officials.

Other low-lying areas of the city may have seen some minor flooding, too, but there were no other reports of problem roads.

Power outages caused by the heavy winds and rain also were at a minimum, according to Connecticut Light & Power. At one point on Wednesday, only about a dozen customers were without power and only for a brief period.

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Comments (2)

they need to clean the drains.......instead they let NHA tenants, local business, residents, tourists and others fend for themselves when it floods.

How perfect of a picture is this?

The new traffic lights are in this picture shows them ready to wire for lights its the dark gray posts.

You would think if the state paid for the new lights they would pay for storm doors on the drains.

You would think this car wouldn't of made it that far if the barricades were in place a Norwalk DPW job.

The police dept told the DPW many times water was rising according to the tow truck drivcr can't blame them.

You would think where the tide charts are clearly made up a year in advance the DPW would like most normal DPWs on the water that is effected by tide the barriers would be there before the police had to call.Its overtime at night high tide a four hour minimum is used when barricades are needed no stupid tide charts for this city.

You would think high tide of almost 4 feet with high winds someone would of been a little more proactive than what we are seeing here and blocked the street.

Ok so I don't like how Mayor Moccia runs the city it doesn't take rocket science to figure out why the street floods so fast but to plan on building in the area you would think with all that income coming in and how the developers have been so well taken care of by the city some of this flooding would be a focua of resolution.

But we have this and no real cooperation from Hal why is this?

Does the city taxpayers deserve more?

Guess those other priorities like the golf course is more important than seeing people get stuck and not always by their own stupidity on water street because the city couldnt block off te street in time.

A year in advance on the fridge tells the rest of us when high tide is.

You would think Dick would get Hal a tide shart for xmas.

They say the reports are on file showing how flooding could be fixed or made better why is the city waiting to bring it to the taxpayers and get something done.

Watch them build a high rise at this intersecton and make the city find the money to fix it after all.

So at this point I imagine no one wants to hear how much the new lights are costing the taxpayer.Who cares the flooding will still be there Moccia or not.

Maybe the city could do better after all these years whats it take to send a message to city hall?

A bottle?