Fairfield Shoppers Stock Up For Hurricane Sandy

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Shoppers thronged the Stop & Shop on Post Road Saturday to stock up in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – The Stop & Shop on Post Road is typically busy on Saturdays, but the Saturday before the possible arrival of Hurrnicane Sandy was super busy.

Keri O’Neill of Fairfield was stocking up on groceries as she discussed the pending hurricane.

“We’ve moved everything from the ground floor to higher levels of our house because we’re in a flood area,” she said. “We’re worried about tidal surge.”

O’Neill, whose family also owns a house in Vermont, has lots of experience enduring severe storms.

“We lost power for a week last time, so I have to make sure we have enough dry foods to keep the kids happy.”

Pat Smith of Fairfield wasn’t too worried about the storm. “I really think it’s not going to happen,” she said. “It’s on TV all week and makes people nervous.”

She made a big purchase at Stop & Shop and said Walmart was out of batteries.

“I know it looks like I’m panic shopping, but I’m not that worried,” she said.

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