Fairfield County Moms Rally In Hartford To Demand Gun Control Action

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Thousands of people gather on the steps of the State Capitol in Hartford on Thursday to advocate for stricter gun control laws. Photo Credit: Jes Siart

HARTFORD, Conn. – Members of One Million Moms For Gun Control, along with many other residents, advocates and gun violence survivors, gathered on the steps of the State Capitol in Hartford on Thursday to demand stricter gun laws. Speakers called on the thousands of participants to reach out to their lawmakers and demand change.

"The message is pretty clear,” said Kara Nelson Baekey, a Norwalk mother of two, who launched the Fairfield County chapter of One Million Moms For Gun Control. “We need to get people organized when it comes to contacting their lawmakers. We need to be the flea that’s biting the big dog.”

Thousands of people held signs, wore pins and green clothing in remembrance of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, as a string of speakers presented a united message calling for “common sense gun laws” and an end to gun violence. Participants arrived at the Capitol in more than a dozen school and coach buses from across the state and New England.

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moreover, may peace reign in this world. Let not those gun come over


Should have taken a shorter bus ride to Main Street in Bridgeport and protested in front of that disgusting butcher shop of an abortuary, where the killing of babies is conducted several days a week.


Can someone please explain what “common sense gun laws” are and how they will stop the next Adam Lanza? The marcher's anger at senseless violence is focused on the wrong issue. All their marching and demanding changes will not change one thing except the gun laws; and there is already proof that stricter gun laws do nothing to curb these kinds of acts. It is too bad this energy cannot be used to focus on the real problems - mental illness and society's decay - and try to find solutions to effect changes in these areas. I can only assume that all these people truly believe that the only problem is gun ownership - I will never understand that mindset.


"Common sense gun laws"? Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't murder already illegal? Here's some common sense...law-abiding citizens follow the law and do not kill people. Criminals don't follow the law and sometimes do kill people. The government can make laws against absolutely everything, but it won't change the behavior of the person who wants to kill people. It's kind of sad to think that they believe the laws will make a difference. Unfortunately, you can't legislate behavior.

M. Murray:

Could probably save even more lives by limiting criminals to one felony per month. Or limit prosecutors to one plea bargain per month

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