Arrests In New Year's Bar Fight Top Norwalk News This Week

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See the stories that topped the news in Norwalk this week.
See the stories that topped the news in Norwalk this week.

NORWALK, Conn. -- Here are some of the stories that topped the news in Norwalk this week:

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Who cares?? Stop rambling on. So it's Rillings fault that people from other towns and states come to Norwalks bars and start trouble?
I don't think so, in fact I think out of towners are needed in Norwalk.
It's just unfortunate that idiots come and start these problems.

Its a shame Norwalk is known for its bar closing fights,this happens every weekend for the years Moccia was in office ,obviously our new Mayor is ok with it because it continues.Yes it was New Years but a good indicator what Norwalk is in for under the New Mayor.Ever ask how much crime continues while every cruiser we have is at the bars?Victims in Norwalk can tell you its never ending Monday morning where NPD is taking reports of typical crime sprees all year round.Overtime is one of the NPDs single complaint yet anyone realize how much ovewrtime goes into cleaning up Norwalk after bar closing?Usually a person who has been arrested after a brawl gets a free pass to the ER along with a cop date which we all pay for leaving yet another missing officer on the street.Our top cop tells us what kind of money overtime creates for the city yet why isn't there officers hired for these bars knowing full well trouble is going to happen.Taxpayers are played in Norwalk its obvious by the utube video how cruisers show up after a fight has been reported where no officer ever existed before the fight.Then any available ambulances Norwalk have are usually transporting those injured, usually a non Norwalk resident.Then it gets better the 80 year old lifelong resident needs a ride to the hospital and can't get a rig asap they have to wait for those who have come to Norwalk to drink and do blo a real good picture isn't it?

The question is how much overime is not covered by road jobs and extra hire for contractors?Every shooting leaves a 24 7 officer at the hospital and who pays for that?

For whats its worth maybe a private contractor could save the city money if we had them take care of the hospital detail that happens more than you would expect as a taxpayer.Honesty is not one on Norwalks best sides when it comes to saving money for the taxpayer but then again Rowyaton has the money to pay for our overtime not covered by dirt jobs lets just increase tax there,or has it already been done. Dave McCarthy may be a good mayor he can protect the wealth Norwalk seems to have.

Where is the facts on police overtime not covered outside of the police dept and is generated at the hospital?Norwalk deserves the truth not the politicians we have who know the truth but won't say a word and use the duf smile.