All Norwalk Streets To Be Plowed By 7 p.m. Saturday

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The snowstorm buried Norwalk on Friday, as this picture of Lacey Lane on Saturday morning clearly shows.
The snowstorm buried Norwalk on Friday, as this picture of Lacey Lane on Saturday morning clearly shows. Photo Credit: Ruth Ann Shay-Johnson

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk residents can expect their roads to be plowed by about 7 p.m., Saturday, according to Mayor Richard Moccia, as the city digs out from Friday’s major snowstorm.

The state’s roadway travel ban remained in effect Saturday morning, on orders of Gov. Dannel Malloy, helping plow crews to more easily navigate area streets. The statewide travel ban, which began Friday at 4 p.m. remains in effect until further notice.

Norwalk deployed 31 plow trucks to clear streets during and after the storm.

“Barring unforeseen difficulties, plowing of all roads is projected to be complete by 7 o’clock this evening,” said Moccia in a statement. “School and other parking lots will be completed after that time with DPW staff wrapping up by midnight tonight. City sidewalks will be started when all mains are done.”

Norwalk avoided any power outages during the storm, according to Connecticut Light & Power, although statewide more than 38,500 customers were without electricity as of 11 a.m., Saturday.

The city’s transit district buses are not running Saturday due to the travel ban, and the Norwalk and South Norwalk libraries are closed.

Norwalk’s customer service phone system is operational, and residents can call at 203-854-3200. Officials ask that residents wait until Sunday morning to report any missed streets by plow trucks. All trucks are outfitted with GPS units to help ensure that all 258 miles of Norwalk roads are cleared.

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Comments (2)

We have successfully been plowed by the MOST considerate plowman ever...he worked really hard to NOT plow in our driveways on the cul-de-sac...hoping he is finished soon and can get some rest..

Couldn't agree more.. awesome job cleaning the roads. I was worried about shoveling heavy, plowed snow from the end of my driveway, but it was not the case.