4,200 Still Without Power In Norwalk Sunday AM

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Photo Credit: Connecticut Light & Power

NORWALK, Conn. – While more than 4,200 Norwalk customers remained without power Sunday morning, Connecticut Light & Power is making it easier to find out when power will be restored to the area. 

An estimated 4,228 of 29,661 customers in Norwalk were without power at 5:30 a.m. Sunday according to Connecticut Light & Power reports.  However, CL&P launched a “Restoration Estimates” web page at www.cl-p.com/restorationtimes to provide customers with estimated restoration times for repairs in their specific area. Customers can also call 800-286-2000 for the status of their outage. In previous statements, CL&P officials said they expected to have most power restored to customers by Tuesday.

More than 53,000 customers out of 1,240,246 total customers served by CL&P were out of power across Connecticut as of 5:30 a.m. Sunday, down from more than 106,000 customers Saturday morning.

Hundreds of thousands of customers have had power restored by CL&P since Hurricane Sandy hit Monday, according to a release. The massive restoration effort will include replacing more than 800 utility polls and restringing 78 miles of overhead electrical cable – enough cable to stretch from Norwalk to New London.

More than 7,000 storm responders from across the country have now joined the company in its efforts, according to a release.

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CL&P OUTSOURCED a lot of important jobs to improve profits and restoring our power was delayed by travel time for line crews from far away. It is time to follow the example of the 2nd and 3rd taxing districts and establish a city wide electric co, modelled after the 3rd district, and have local people maintain distribution systems, trim overhanging trees, string protective steel cable above power lines, etc. CL&P has proven they cannot do the job anymore.

Our power came back on yesterday (11/3) but it wasn't CL&P that restored it. One of the trucks I saw came from Minnesota.
Norwalk's mayor shares some of the responsibility but he's absolutely correct that CL&P seems to have learned absolutely nothing from Irene and the Halloween snowstorm of last year. Northeast Utilities needs to take a long look at who's running the show here in CT.
This is exactly why these huge corporate conglomeration public utilities need MORE government regulation and not less. Left to their own devices they care more about their shareholders than they do the public they serve. People MUST come before profits.

Why don't they have a key available to the map that shows what the various colors mean?

@ Paige,
Here is the interactive map.

Thanks, Broad. I hope you are safe and warm.

Thanks Paige,
I never lost power until a few days later for less time than it took for my ceiling fan to stop spinning as they were putting somebody else on line. I live off Silvermine. Silvermine and New Canaan got hit pretty bad, I'm not sure what magic circuit I'm on. I've been so so lucky since 1983, the only time I've even noticed losing power was when the VCR would be flashing.
Hope you and yours are all safe and well.