1,800 Still Without Power In Norwalk Monday AM

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More than 23,900 customers out of 1,240,246 total customers served by CL&P are out of power across Connecticut as of 5:30 a.m. Monday.
More than 23,900 customers out of 1,240,246 total customers served by CL&P are out of power across Connecticut as of 5:30 a.m. Monday. Photo Credit: Connecticut Light and Power

NORWALK, Conn. – Nearly 1,800 Connecticut Light & Power customers remained without power in Norwalk Monday morning, a week after Hurricane Sandy brought strong winds, rain and flooding to the area. With election day tomorrow, crews are focusing on restoring power to polling places, said CL&P officials.

An estimated 1,766 of 29,661 customers in Norwalk were without power at 5:30 a.m. Monday, down from 4,228 Sunday morning according to CL&P reports.  

“Many large area outages have been restored, and crews are diligently working to restore all customers,” said Bill Quinlan, CL&P Senior Vice President of Emergency Preparedness. “In some areas, this effort requires that entire sections of the electric distribution system be rebuilt from scratch.”

More than 23,900 customers out of 1,240,246 total customers served by CL&P are out of power across Connecticut as of 5:30 a.m. Monday, down from more than 53,000 customers Saturday morning.

CL&P launched a “Restoration Estimates” web page at www.cl-p.com/restorationtimes to provide customers with estimated restoration times for repairs in their specific area. Customers can also call 800-286-2000 for the status of their outage. In previous statements, CL&P officials said they expected to have most power restored to customers by Tuesday

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Comments (4)

CL&P stopped hiring linemen a long time ago and started OUTSOURCING a lot of the work linemen did to outside contractors. On paper, it looked like that would save money and increase profits. When they say they are prepared for a storm all that means is they have committments from other companies that have agreed to send lineman when there is a problem. This was an enormous storm and nearby power companies did not have linemen they could spare. CL&P had to get on the phone and find companies that could send lineman. Some are power companies and some are independent non-union contractors. CL&P has to pay whatever they charge, including travel time and expense. But they don't have to pay benefits, medical insurance, pensions, etc. CL&P thinks that is a good deal for shareholders, but for customers, not so good.

you can cannot compare Stamford and Norwalk... They are 2 totally different electrical systems.. As far as CL-P they have more people in the office then they do in the field... You cannot restore power without linemen period! CL-P hates linemen! they call them overpaid babies. linemen risk there lives everyday to restore power so the company can continue to make RECORD profits. Things could be worse! look at New Jersey...

I agree. CL&P is a joke. Its run by amateurs. They need more technical ability and less bean counters and PR people. The customer service people have no clue. As of Monday morning, my neighborhood still does not have power. The estimate is Tuesday at 11:00 p.m. This is exactly what I expect from CL&P.

What I didn't expect was the incompetence of Norwalk's Mayor and Norwalk's representatives. We all know CL&P lies. They lied during Hurricane Irene. They lied during last year's Halloween snowstorm. This year, they said, "We're prepared" And, Norwalk's Mayor fell for it!

Compare Norwalk with Stamford, which has more CL&P customers. Their outage rate dropped from 47% to 25% in one day. Then, it kept dropping steadily. In Norwalk, we hovered around 45% for several days. Clearly, CL&P was concentrating on other towns like Stamford because their Mayor is pushing CL&P and he's on News 12 all the time. What did Norwalk's Mayor do? Nothing. I heard nothing from him except he said they were having "energetic" conversations with CL&P and lots of telephone calls. Well, that's great Mr. Mayor. How about you translate some of that energetic talk to, you know, actual energy and power? Whenever there is a storm, every town has to fight CL&P for repair crews. Some mayors are willing to do that. Norwalk's mayor and leadership were not.

Calling CL&P is a joke. I called them shortly before our power was restored and the person I spoke to said they couldn't give me an estimated time because my area was still flooded. After I told them I lived in a pocket of town that was surrounded by restored houses, at least five miles away from the nearest flooded area, she stood by her story. It was quite apparent I was speaking to someone in a remote location who didn't have a clue about Norwalk or the latest restoration updates.
The whole leadership structure of CL&P needs to be replaced. They are obviously more concerned with profits and not the public they ostensibly serve.