Norwalk Nonprofits Receive $1 Million in State Grants

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NORWALK, Conn. -- The state recently granted several Norwalk nonprofit organizations with a total of about $1 million in funding.  

A total of 146 projects statewide have been selected to receive $20 million in awards as part of the state’s Nonprofit Grant Program, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced. Grants will be awarded to 81 nonprofit agencies in 38 cities and towns.

In Norwalk, the awards will go to:

  • Elder House Inc. will receive $25,400;
  • Family & Children's Agency will receive $207,938;
  • the Mid-Fairfield AIDS Project Inc. will receive $52,000,
  • the Mid-Fairfield Child Guidance Center Inc. will receive $206,660; and 
  • Star Inc. will receive $552,100. 

“Partnering with these organizations is a smart fiscal investment to ensure that these agencies can continue to provide services while doing so in an efficient, cost-effective way,” said Malloy, who made the announcement at Chrysalis Center, a provider agency slated to received funding to provide job training, employment services and conference space. “This is the largest commitment our state has made to support and invest in these community-based organizations that provide critical services to individuals in every city and town in our state.”

Under Section 13 of Public Act 13-239, adopted last June, the purpose of the NGP is to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, safety and/or accessibility of health and human services being delivered by nonprofit organizations. 

“The many organizations that submitted proposals demonstrated loud and clear that nonprofit organizations continue to face challenges in providing services and supports for individuals with disabilities and those with significant challenges," said Terry Edelstein, governor’s liaison to nonprofits. "And yet their project proposals reflected the creativity, ingenuity and strategic approaches necessary to continue to fulfill their missions. I herald our administration for initiating the bond program, the legislature for supporting the program and the nonprofit community-based providers for articulating their needs so well.”

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Why is it the right wing wackos would rather give tax breaks to big oil than help the people. They are truly and evil bunch.

Dear Non Profits.

Now that the State is in the charity business, you should expect less from private would be far more efficient to have the money flow directly from individuals than through a bloated state bureaucracy, but this is, apparently, what liberal CT, in the end, you'll get LESS money...and need to do what the State wants you to do in order to get future funds. so much for the free market determining allocation of resources.

central planning is not the answer.