Norwalk Fire Department, Costco Donate Generators

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NORWALK, Conn. – To help make the social service agencies more self-sufficient during emergencies, the Norwalk Fire Department and Costco warehouse outlet have donated five generators to the Norwalk Housing Authority and Person-to-Person, the department announced.

NHA will receive four of the generators, which it will use to provide lighting and heat during power outages in four senior housing complexes, Irving Freese, Leroy Downs, Ludlow Village and Senior Court. The generators will be used in the common areas of the facilities.

The Person-to-Person generator will be used at its Christian Community Action building in South Norwalk to help keep perishable foods from spoiling during outages.

“Our hope is that these generators will enable the Norwalk Housing Authority and Person to Person to continue to assist their residents and clients during emergencies,” said Fire Chief Denis McCarthy in a statement. “These generators will help improve the level of readiness and resiliency of these two community partners.”

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