Young Norwalk Entrepeneurs Can Turn To Tech To Launch Career

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Stamford-based Diane Pauley is a life coach for millennials. Photo Credit: Contributed

STAMFORD, Conn. -- Entrepreneurship in Stamford? Today that term runs rampant in Fairfield County.

But what does it truly look like to be an entrepreneur on the East Coast in 2013?

It’s about taking your creative idea and seeing how that idea can solve a problem or serve a group.

The key to leveraging entrepreneurship in the millennial age is to use the secret weapon: technology.

Today, there are many avenues in Stamford and the surrounding neighborhoods where tech can be passionately pursued.

After all, that’s how many entrepreneurs get their message across at lightning speed in this day and age?

Entrepreneurs leverage the interwebs via social media, forging online connections and creating platforms.

Right in the heart of downtown Stamford, tech is flourishing.

Zishan Ahmad heads the highly popular Stamford Tech Meetup. Monthly meetups are held the last Monday of every month at the Stamford Innovation Center, 175 Atlantic St..

The next meeting will occur on Monday, Jan.  27, at 7 p.m. So there’s plenty of time to pencil that in.

Just the mere fact that techies gather every month to talk coding, apps, entrepreneurship, give demos and  brainstorm ideas is encouraging for the modern-day millennial.

You don’t have to have a savvy tech background to be able to leverage a fantastic idea that solves a community problem in order to have influence.

But when you learn the necessary skills to leverage your online platform and speed up the process of getting your message out there in the world, the better you are for it.

I highly encourage any millennial toying with a creative idea to check out the local tech meetups in the surrounding areas or to head to the Stamford Innovation Center come January.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help when it comes to tech. It’s one thing to have a message to share, but there’s nothing greater than learning how to leverage that message for greatest impact.

Diane Pauley, the PostGrad Coach, resides in Stamford. Always a lover of people, she finally learned how to harness her art and do it for a living. She is now on a mission to help other millennials do the same -- build up their art and be their own boss full time -- at

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