UConn Economy Magazine Ranks Connecticut As Third-Best State For Women

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FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – Connecticut is ranked No. 3 in the nation when it comes to the best states for women’s economic opportunities, according to The Connecticut Economy, a quarterly magazine at the University of Connecticut. 

Vermont was ranked as No. 1, and New York state came in at No. 2, according to the report. 

Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi ranked among the bottom four states, the report said. 

The index consists of more than two dozen variables, the article said, including the labor market, education, law and society, finance, and general business conditions. The study seeks to "identify the set of laws, regulations, practices, customs and attitudes that allow women to participate in the workforce under conditions roughly equal to those of men." 

The study said Connecticut achieved a perfect score in the areas of maternity leave provisions and scored well in education, with nearly 36 percent of women over age 25 holding a bachelor's degree or more. 

The state, however, had lower scores on affordable child care due to its high cost of living, the study said. It also called the participation of women in the state's General Assembly as "surprisingly middling." 

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