Norwalk Residents Generally Pleased With Storm Response

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Barbara Tobias' little dog enjoyed the snow and most Norwalk residents were generally pleased by the city's response to last week's snowstorm. Photo Credit: Barbara Tobias

NORWALK, Conn. – Following last week’s major snowstorm, The Norwalk Daily Voice asked readers on Facebook how Norwalk did in clearing its streets of snow, and virtually all of the respondents gave the city high marks.

The city deployed as many as 31 plow vehicles during the storm, and crews worked around the clock to tackle clearing the city’s 258 miles of roads.

“Norwalk DPW deserves a metal!” wrote Annette Esposito-Berrios. “Great job! On the other hand poor Bridgeport is a mess and they are saying it’s not going to be clean until Friday. Sad!”

The storm dumped 22 inches of snow on Norwalk, according to the National Weather Service, and plenty of it is still around despite the subsequent rain and warmer temperatures.

“Norwalk did very, very good, never in my life did I think I'd say those words but they did and were on top of it!!” wrote Edward Philip Cleary.

A poll that ran on all 11 of The Daily Voice’s Fairfield County news websites had 61 percent of respondents praising their community’s snow plowing efforts, while 16 percent thought their town did a poor job. Twenty- three percent said their town did an OK job.

Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia declared a snow emergency early Friday, which called for residents to remove cars from city streets wherever possible to assist with plowing efforts. Not all residents heeded the order, but quite a few did. The city opened all of its garages for free to allow people to temporarily park their cars off their street.

“Norwalk has looked better than I have ever seen it after any snowstorm,” wrote Laura Purcell Romano.

Fanny Osorio agreed. “They did a very good job.”

However, there were a couple of Norwalk respondents who were a little less impressed.

“Main streets are great,” wrote Janet Rodriguez Swenson. “But side streets could be better plowed.”

And as of Sunday night, Sjur Soleng claimed Liberty Square, which he said is owned by the city, had not been plowed. “What a joke. If they won’t plow it or maintain it, sell it.”

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