Gallup Poll: Half Of Connecticut's Residents Want To Leave State

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A new Gallup poll says that nearly half of all Connecticut residents want to move out of the state.
A new Gallup poll says that nearly half of all Connecticut residents want to move out of the state. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- A new study shows that just under half of all Connecticut residents want to pack up and leave the Nutmeg State -- the second highest amount of any state in the nation, according to the Gallup Poll.

About 49 percent of Connecticut residents said in the poll that they would move if they could. Only Illinois had a higher amount of people saying they want to leave their state, with 50 percent wishing to leave the Land of Lincoln.

Here are the reasons given for wanting to leave the Constitution State:

  • Work, business related: 21%
  • Friends, family: 13%
  • Quality of life/change: 12%
  • Cost of living: 12%
  • School related: 10%
  • Weather, location: 7%
  • Taxes: 6%

But due in large part to the recession, very few people are likely to follow through on their desire to move. Only 16 percent of all Connecticut residents said they were either very or extremely likely to change states in the next year, according to the study. That number was 6 percent nationally.

The hard facts are even lower than that -- only 1.5 percent of people who moved in 2012, the most recent year with data available, moved to a new state. That's down from a little over 3 percent in 1990, according to the study.

New York, Illinois, and Maryland residents all cited taxes as a key reason they wanted to move. New York and Connecticut residents were also significantly more likely to cite a high cost of living, according to the study.

The states with the lowest percentage of people who said they want to move are Maine, Montana and Hawaii.

Gallup warned that Connecticut appears particularly vulnerable to losing population in the coming few years because a high percentage of residents say they would leave if they could and larger-than-average percentages say they are at least somewhat likely to do so in the coming year.

According to 2012 Census data, 3.59 million people call Connecticut home. 

See the full Gallup poll here.

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Comments (56)

The nearly $505-million budget surplus upon which Gov. Dannel P. Malloy based his now-dead $55 tax rebate proposal has been whittled down to $ 200 million, the governor's budget director Benjamin Barnes said Wednesday

The people of Connecticut deserve better than what has happened to our state’s fiscal condition. The most recent news of the depleted surplus is both disturbing and reflective of our unhealthy economy — a financial environment where poor decisions have lasting impacts.

As of April 1, state officials predicted Connecticut would have a surplus of over $500 million this year. But today we now know the truth. Surplus predictions have plummeted to less than $50 million and our fiscal future looks grim.

Consensus revenue changes released yesterday by Connecticut’s non-partisan Office of Fiscal Analysis (OFA) and the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) have fallen dramatically, leaving the state with a projected FY2014 surplus of only $43.4 million. This is a reduction of $461.5 million from the January consensus estimates.

The sharp decrease in the projected surplus highlights the poor planning and wishful thinking that went into the governor’s budget. When it comes to fiscal planning, we have to be realistic and smart about the way we use state funds. The governor’s budget exaggerated the health of our economy, with truly egregious misrepresentations.

If all these gimmicks, one-time revenue sources and bonding were removed from the budget the state would see an even more overwhelming and debilitating deficit of almost $1 billion.

This deceptive math created an illusion of fiscal stability that was celebrated frivolously. As real numbers begin to materialize, we see the truth. Connecticut is in trouble, and the majority party’s approach to the budget was never viable.

In addition to the loss of revenue this year, new projections for future years show a deficit of $94 million with the enacted Fiscal Year 2015 budget. If the Democratic budget adjustments passed out of the Appropriations Committee in April move forward, that would increase the 2015 deficit to $285 million.

It is devastating to see these numbers, yet not surprising.

A Powers's
Didn't you just get banned from several sites for posting lies and propaganda.... Here we have you once again posting lies and propaganda.... So stupid

People and business as well are leaving CT and if that does not change the deficit will grow even further. The so called surplus is gone and that is a fact!

Hey Stupid

Ct still has a 200 million surplus

What I find odd is I own several properties in Port Chester that I rent to people that would love to leave Port Chester and move to Ct. I would never live in Port Chester over Ct.

The ones that want to leave Ct are the same ones that don't have 21st century skills for a 21st century job. These are most likely old has been Republicans. They need to take responsibility for their own failure and stop blaming government.

This could part of the reason people want to leave and are leaving. They recognize a train wreck when they see one.

"You Can’t Keep Doing the Same thing and Expect a Different Result
By State Senator Toni Boucher

Notwithstanding the work by Members of the Appropriations and Finance Committees, the $19 billion state budget the General Assembly recently adopted relies on nearly $200 million in fund sweeps (taking money from Fund Accounts to use to pay current expenditures), unrealistic savings assumptions and other gimmicks to stay in balance.

Most residents recognize that year after year state budgets contain higher spending and unrealistic budget projections. Those do not reflect the world we live in. Some would say Hartford leaders fiddle while Rome burns. Those observers would like a financial extinguisher to put out the fire and start the rebuilding process.

The reality of this administration’s budget, which has deteriorated every year, is that it relies on the State Department of Revenue‘s (the taxman’s) ability to collect $75 million in unpaid taxes – specifically by using “vigorous collection activity” and going after delinquent taxpayers to plug their budget hole.

The budget package, negotiated by the governor’s staff and majority party leaders, once again increases spending, increases taxes and takes money away from important funds dedicated to priorities like transportation and health initiatives. Major budget points include:
Creates a two-year deficit of nearly $3 billion through 2017

This budget does nothing to help the basic fact that the growth in our current revenue stream does not, and cannot support our current expenditures.
Increases taxes

The Sales Tax exemption for clothing and footwear which is currently scheduled to go into effect on June 1, 2015 has been delayed.
The over the counter prescription drugs sales tax exemption is delayed.
An exemption for teachers on their pension is delayed.
Electric customers may see increased fees on their bills to balance the budget.
Continues past bad practices

Moves expenditures off the books (Medicaid accounts) to artificially reduce expenditures. Bonds more money for operating expenses.
Contains $27.1 million in additional fund sweeps including more money to the tune of $2.1 million from the Special Transportation Fund and $4 million from the Tobacco Health Trust Fund.
Does not fund $51.6 million in retirees healthcare costs
Increases spending

Includes funding for numerous new programs and initiatives
Includes funding to support 489 new state employees despite $10 million saving due to a “hiring freeze.”
Is not in balance by at least $126.6 million

$75 million in unpaid tax revenue from delinquent taxpayers with no guarantee they will materialize
Does not include the appropriation of $51.6 million for retiree health costs
This budget is unrealistic. The administrations promise of future tax breaks are unlikely to happen as the budget anticipates higher sales tax revenues when personal disposable income is going down. This translates to less spending on the part of the consumer, threatening to reduce sales, inheritance, car and gas taxes.

Connecticut’s job market has not recovered and people are looking to find a way out. A recent Gallup Poll reported that 1 out of every two residents would leave Connecticut if they could due to the high cost of living in our state.

Governor Malloy’s blaming of past state administrations, U.S. Presidents, federal budget cuts and changes in capital gains legislation is not believable. Other states have experienced the same challenges yet they are growing. Those state leaders have learned that budget problems can be overcome with responsible and realistic budgeting and lowering costs for taxpayers and businesses.

Despite the largest tax increase in state history the bottom line is that bad spending habits continue, our economy is not improving, and there is no guarantee that working families will catch a break any time soon.

We have a very weak foundation in which we base our state budget going forward. Hartford must change the way its handles its finances if our residents are ever – to get ahead. The administration can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result and we desperately need different results."

Amusing perspective ... The Dems have controlled CT for decades.

It sucks to be a Connecticut resident. Thank God I'm not.

Still a 200 million surplus

I always find it comical when people that live in Ny comment on Ct matters.

Connecticut: 1 in every 784 housing units received a foreclosure filing in 2013.
Nationally: 1 in every 1,121

I'm sorry, I highly question this statistic - even if it's Gallup. I love CT and I've lived in many other states - they all have their issues. Maybe the headline should read, "Half of Connecticut's Residents Love CT and Never Want To Leave The State!"

Good or bad? Depends upon the entities that leave. CT has a very fragile tax base ... Way less than 1% pays somewhere north of 30% of the taxes ... If they leave ... And they have the wherewithal and motivation to do so ... CT does a Detroit real fast. And maybe that is good ... Forces a fix where right now there is no political will power to do so.
The idea that pressure from the everyday voter is going to turn CT around is a fantasy ... The faster this bus goes over the financial cliff the better for everyone that wants to stay.

@ barnstorm CLIPS you mean Magazines don't you what army were you in!!!

Maybe all the folks who want to avoid paying Connecticut taxes ought to pack their bags and move to Bundy's ranch out in Nevada. You can happily trade ammo clips with all the other tax-evading deadbeats, wrap yourself in the American flag, and pretend the government you despise doesn't exist.

Or vote for people that know how to manage money and care about the people of the state, not making corporations happy.

Move to Detroit, you will do much better there.

That's a pretty extreme view regarding citizens who question tax rates in their area.

All states controlled by the liberals are in the same situation. High taxes, no jobs, the elimination of Constitutional rights....not difficult to see the pattern.

What constitutional rights have been eliminated? Name ONE.

All states controlled by republicans rate lowest in education, per capita wealth and highest in government assistance (i.e. food stamps, welfare,etc)

As you say, not difficult to see the pattern here either.

Not exactly true, look at Texas. He created half of Obamas jobs!

Apparently you do not own any guns? The democratic cities are failures.

The jobs created in Texas are all low wage jobs.. This is very typical of a state with a Republican Governor.

Detroit, run by democrats since 1963!

And Washington was run by a Republican President whem thr economy collapsed.

That's correct A Powers's

Agreeing with yourself because you love free hand outs does not change anything...

If you paid taxes you would know how bad things are.

Simply put people are leaving business is leaving so anyone defending Malloy and or the way this state is run are in denial. I never heard of a couple retiring in South Carolina and moving to CT. Simple logic the state is out of control with taxes and useless overbearing and in some cases unconstitutional laws.

Look at the bright side, folks: CT is not the worst.... yet. Let's re-ellect Malloy so that next year CT will finally get the spot.

CT also has the 4th highest income So that would account for the high taxes. DUHHHHH

People earning that income are paying a ridiculous % of their earnings in taxes.

The tax RATE is the complaint.

The day after I retire is the day the moving van will be pulling up to my door - taxes, government that doesn't listen to the citizens, a partially broken legal system, minimum wage that will lead to higher prices and the complete abandonment of the right of self-defense through the ignoring of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution and the 15th Article of the Connecticut Constitution!

PortChester,home of sideways baseball caps,and the pitbull capital of .North America. Lowlife heaven.

The taxes are obscene, but Malloy was faced with the choice of either raising them or us going further into debt because of all of the tax cuts given by republican administrations to the "job creators" who didn't create ANY jobs in CT but instead took the money and stashed it offshore.
The average Joe sure got "trickled down" on.
Either way, Malloy would be villified for his economic policies. We're still in debt, but not as much had we chosen another "supply side" republican.
Until we break the cycle of republicans artificially keeping taxes low, and democrats having to boost them because now infrastructure repairs cost more now, we are unlikely to see CT residents getting a break.
We're lucky though. Many of us might want to leave Connecticut but consider Ohio. Most of the original Mercury and Gemini astronauts were from Ohio. Apparently there's something about that state that makes people want to leave EARTH.

What a clearly clueless statement. Republicans in CT are powerless unless they vote with the democrats who are the real problem here. For DECADES we have had a clear democrat monopoly in Hartford. Malloy the mental midget raised taxes AND got us further into debt.
And trying to say Republicans have kept taxes LOW, when the conversation is centered on how HIGH they are is laughable.
CTs problem in a nutshel is size of govt & a desire to keep growing it. Everytime some liberal bleeding heart dreams up another program or initiative it raises costs across the board. Taxes will NEVER go down as long as we have a Democratic stranglehold in Hartford.

Ken, you're arguing state taxes when I was pointing out local taxes, such as in Norwalk.
In terms of state taxes, we are hurt more locally because of our republican representatives who have continually failed to secure us our fair share of state revenues. Perhaps with ineffective people like Cafero out of the picture our funding here in Norwalk may improve. That may help keep our local taxes from rising even more.
Republicans are always crying about the size of government yet they are never able to say how a smaller government could be more effective. They are masters of attacking the straw man. Ironically, government tends to grow the most under republican administrations. The republican's patron saint Ronnie Reagan bemoaned "government" yet his administration nearly doubled the federal bureaucracy.

No surprise here.The half that works and pays the obscene taxes are sick of doing so in order to keep the deadbeats who refuse to find a job,in booze and pitbulls.Maybe we cant blame them after seeing new claims for unemployment up by 14k,and G.D.P. growing at a pathetic .1%. Nice job liberals. Pretty soon even your .beloved deadbeats will want to leave.

Care to post any facts about the tax cuts and where offshore this money is? Maybe read up on Jodi Rell ( Passed first same sex union bill without being forced to? Wanted to spend more education by raising taxes and got shot down? Got a the rainy day fund up to $1billion? You are totally clueless and just quoting the MSNBC echo chamber. The current democratic group, which controls EVERYTHING now has CT ranked at the bottom of almost every business related list. Here is just one, but I am sure you can google as well

For some strange reason you forgot this
Rell early retirement plan responsible for $60 million of current deficit; cost of vacation and sick days pile up for state

State Budget Deficit Projected At $192 Million under Jodi Rell

Rell presented a spending package in February that was under-funded by $2 billion

Without question that is one of the most educated factual comments I have read in a long time. I would add that if people in CT think taxes are high they should try NY or CA.

Property tax rates are lower in CA. 1 1/4% in the local area. Our Republican stronghold in Fairfield County was equal to 2% property tax, and even though the tax assessor promised lowering of values would drop the taxes, they went UP instead when the mill rates changed dramatically. Prospective buyers always mentioned the high taxes when searching for a property. Our electric bill is now 1/6th what we were charged in CT, and we never even turned on the heating in our home ONCE this last winter. We also experienced a 30% drop in the value of our Fairfield county home (still even now valued at LESS than in the late '90's over sixteen years ago), while properties out in CA are escalating.

Why look at the very few which are comparable to us instead of the MULTITUDE that have tax burdens a fraction of ours? One of the reasons ours are so high is NYers moving here because its cheaper and then pushing for the same stupid policies that create high taxes in the first place.

I love CT but I hate the taxes and the recently enacted gun control "AKA illegal gun user's superiority club" laws.

I'd move to avoid being responsible for the debt the boys in Hartford got us into.

We're are seriously looking into moving out to another state, but it won't be for another few years. As for the reasons why, I'd have to say all of them. The cost of living in this State is increasing and jobs are getting harder to find. We've lived here all our lives, but it's getting to be too much.

Ill bet that number is low!

I bet Malloy's $55 rebate would've made everybody want to stay in CT.....LOL!!

The taxes and anti gun laws are ridiculous.