Norwalk Police Host Children’s Christmas Party

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The Norwalk Police Department is hosting a children's Christmas party from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday  at the Side By Side Charter School on Chestnut Street.
The Norwalk Police Department is hosting a children's Christmas party from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at the Side By Side Charter School on Chestnut Street. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NORWALK, Conn. – The Norwalk Police Department’s Community Policing division is hosting a children’s Christmas party from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday in the gym of the Side By Side Charter School, 10 Chestnut St.

In addition to a visit from Santa Claus, the program will include a magic show, gifts and food and beverages. Approximately 150 area children have been invited to the party.

The list of local donors to the event are Norwalk PAL; Norwalk Police Union; Norwalk Guardians; Norwalk PBA; Stew Leonard’s; the Connecticut Avenue McDonald’s; ShopRite; Party City; Cosmos Pizza Restaurant; Famous Pizza; Cross Roads Pizza; East Avenue Pizza; Bowtie Cinemas; The Marvin senior center; Davinci’s; Jordan’s Too; Belden Avenue Pizza; Toys for Tots; Norwalk Reads; St. Joseph’s Church; and the Connecticut Avenue Walmart.

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Comments (12)

Amazing how you can't even do a good thing without negativity popping up in every corner! The Norwalk Police dept. and its officers should be commended for their generosity (Thanks Ladies and Gentleman for all you do). Nowhere did the article say anything about the mayor, the fireboat or anything else. It was a generous and kind gift and I am sure appreciated event for all those who attended. Get off the humbug train and try seeing some good for a change! Christmas is about giving and about trying to brighten the lives of others, it is about caring and sharing and not about negative politically motivated rhetoric...there's plenty of time for that after the holidays. Perhaps take a moment of your time and do something special for someone less fortunate, ill or a recluse, Imagine how much better you will feel!

"Thanks Ladies and Gentleman for all you do"

A big thanks to the 122 patrolman 25 detectives and the rest who keep Norwalk safe out of 171 officers.

Tim its your delivery it is by far the worst part in Norwalk for street crimes but by far going into the holiday season are break ins or attempted break ins.

The police blotter is a good guide yet most reporters are now writing into their stories the flow of information on some crimes that are important to read about to keep your own area safe lack information or are not ready to recieve in the morning briefs.

Our officers deserve a break that have to work for a handful of people who for the most part including the Mayor who lack any law enforcemnet courses updates or incentive.Our Mayor served warrants the Inn serves drinks there is no sense to that and defending our blue force until our mayor is removed is senseless in the eyes of the taxpayers.

Lets thank those who helped out missing was the Norwalk councilors from the South Norwalk area but then again they are missing when it comes to anything nowadays other than a republican vote.

This would be a good time to think about the next election and who is going to run Norwalk and help all inner city kids out.

I'm surprised the Norwalk fire dept didn't offer their two fire boats for rides around the Harbour who knows where xmas came early for McCarthy and his men maybe Santa will ride into Norwalk harobour on the fire boat and Dick can pass out the raises.

I LIVE in that part of town and I feel very safe here and in most of Norwalk. I guess Im lucky that Im not a neurotic paranoid internet troll. Thanks Norwalk PD!

WOW talk about living in denial..

You may not be an internet troll, but perhaps you also do not read the local police blotter.....

Now now kids play nice

Tim T, if you actually READ the article, it stated that it was for the area children

rerbc if you actually READ my reply , I never stated that it was for the area children

I would not allow my kids to go into that part of town...VERY VERY UNSAFE NEAR THE POLICE STATION. Actually most of Norwalk is unsafe these days. Thank you Norwalk PD.

What a kind and thoughtful thing to do. Thank you Norwalk PD.