SoNo Caffeine Becomes Latest South Norwalk Business To Close

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SoNo coffee shop Caffeine closed its doors for good this week, according to The Hour.
SoNo coffee shop Caffeine closed its doors for good this week, according to The Hour. Photo Credit:

NORWALK, Conn. -- SoNo Caffeine, the Washington Street coffee shop known for its gourmet coffee, sweet treats, and live music closed its doors for good this week, according to The Hour.

Caffeine owner Abdou Bennani decided to close the South Norwalk shop because he said the city is not promoting the area properly, and because a lack of parking and nearby construction projects have cut foot traffic, according to the article.

Caffeine, which had been open for 14 years, is the seventh business to close in SoNo in recent months.

According to the Hour, Caffeine joins Sassafras, Jeff's Cuisine, Red Lulu, Shanghai Asian Bistro, Papaya Thai and Rouge Wine Bar as businesses that have closed down in SoNo. The Black Bear Saloon and Nola are reportedly closed temporarily.

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Comments (6)

. I live a mile from SoNo and it appears that SoNo Bakery and Harbor Cafe or whatever it's called are thriving so without knowing details it appears he has cut off his nose to spite his face. Its a shame because they were the only coffee place open in the afternoons and evenings..Granted these competitors have more convenient parking than Washington St. But the restaurants on Washington St are either overpriced or mediocre in quality. I'm not going to pay several dollars to park to eat a crappy burger at Donovan's or Black Bear. It's $7 to park in the maritime garage to have a nice brunch at Mamas Boy, but its the same $7 if I spend the afternoon at the aquarium or browsing the meager and overpriced or irrelevant retail establishments on Washington St. I am sure the rents are outrageous, but how much am I really gonna spend on beads??

This is all due to the out of control crime which is due to the failures of the Norwalk Police Department.

The Sono business community has always had a lack of support from the City of Norwalk. John D'Orio (from the late Sassafras) was doing his damndest to keep the businesses thriving down there but the retail elements were constantly being squeezed out by a bunch of fly-by-night restaurants. Parking has always been an issue and the whole area is slowly reverting back to it's slum heydey of the early '70's. Gotta feel for the folks who paid top dollar for their yuppie condos on Washington St.
Development continues on North Water, but will the developers ever recoup their investment when the rest of the area slides into the crapper? I doubt it.
Moccia's plan to turn parking over to a private firm sure has reaped it's benefits, eh? Nobody can find a place to park, unless you want to walk two blocks in the rain....for what? A tat parlor and a cigar store?
But fear not Norwalk residents, the drunk out-of-towners who cause mayhem when all the bars close will keep the police department gainfully employed.
It sickens me to see an area that had so much promise slide into irrelevance.

Papaya Thai was a health hazard and I am glad it's gone. That's sad about Caffeine though. I think with a little patience he would have reaped the benefit of being a coffee shop located steps away from a luxury condominium.

Bulls Head Market also closed!

The Washington St. area is becoming a giant garbage can. The streets and sidewalks are covered in garbage and broken glass. Who would want to patronize a business in an area that has become so filthy? Who is responsible for keeping the area clean? Plus, add the numerous homeless people begging for money all the time and I don't even want to live down here. It's being overrun by filth.