Norwalk Businesses Bouncing Back After Storms

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Peter Alatsas of the SoNo Harbor Deli and Cafe said that the business lost power for three days, but it is now back to normal. Photo Credit: Casey Donahue

NORWALK, Conn. – Life is beginning to return to normal for many Norwalk businesses in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the nor'easter, which knocked out power to several establishments, damaged inventory and slowed business.

"I had to throw out my entire stock and had to go through inspections with the health department," said Peter Alatsas of SoNo Harbor Deli and Cafe on Water Street. The deli lost power for three days, but there was no physical damage. Alatsas said this surprised him a bit, since it is so close to the water.

"I was expecting 10 feet of water in here," he said. "I think we were very fortunate. We were luckier than most."

Abigail Wall, the owner of Beadworks on Washington Street, said that she is still calculating the damage to her inventory. In addition to closing down her business for two days and flooding the store's basement, she said the storm also prevented people from shopping.

"We're slowly but surely putting the pieces back together," she said. "It's still slower than normal, but hopefully it will pick back up soon after people put together their own homes."

Anna Mazzella and Tyler Holder at the SoNo Baking Company and Cafe said they had a foot of water come into their establishment. They closed down for an afternoon and were able to open the next day with minimal damage – some lights and a washing machine were ruined. They didn't lose power during the hurricane.

"Surprisingly, we didn't lose power," Mazzella said. They didn't lose power during the hurricane, but once the nor'easter hit, it went out for about a half hour, forcing them to close the kitchen early. "That was a bit of a shocker," Mazzella said.

Holder and Mazzella said that business slowed down last week during the height of the storm and outages, but it is slowly starting to pick back up again.

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