Fairfield County Pays One Quarter Of State's Income Taxes

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Fairfield County residents pay more than 25-percent of all of Connecticut's income taxes.
Fairfield County residents pay more than 25-percent of all of Connecticut's income taxes. Photo Credit: Flickr user 401(K) 2013

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Of the $7.8 billion Connecticut residents paid in income taxes in 2012, more than one quarter of that money came from Fairfield County -- and about 14 percent came from Greenwich taxpayers alone, according to a Hartford Courant study.

Greenwich's 26,000 taxpayers paid $847 million in state income taxes, or an average of $31,597 per taxpayer, the study said.

New Canaan had the next-highest income tax per taxpayer, with town residents paying an average of $24,644, according to the study.

Stamford came in second in total taxes paid, with 4 percent of the state's income tax coming from there. But because of Stamford's larger population, residents averaged only $4,309 per person in income tax, according to the study.

Darien residents averaged the third-highest amount of income taxes with $19,676 per taxpayer. Westport was fourth with the average taxpayer doling out $18,290 to the state. Weston rounded out the top five in the state, averaging $15,545 in income tax per taxpayer, according to the study.

Wilton, Ridgefield and Redding took spots seven through nine on the list. Easton finished just outside the Top 10, paying the 11th most in income taxes in the state. Woodbridge was the only town outside of Fairfield County to make the Top 10, according to the study.

Click here to see the full Hartford Courant study.

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Comments (3)

And the Realist-ate conveyance tax is also temporary. Boy they can lie can't they. And the people never get the hint and throw them out of office. Beyond me?

LOL ok. Sure thing. Our jails are filled with Democrats, our welfare rolls are filled with democrats and our ghettos are filled with democrats. Democrats are killing the state, whether the foggy brained liberals admit it or not.

But on topic, this income tax was a TEMPORARY measure passed in 1990 to balance the budget, BUT, Democrats NEVER let a tax go away so 24 years later we are still paying it and every legislator in Hartford acts like it was always there. Even though we got by for 214 years without it. Pretty amazing the tunnel vision & lack of grasp of reality espoused by todays General assembly. Nobody in state politics in CT should feel good about themselves, they are all deceitful self serving elitists.